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I don't understand

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How can anyone be pregnant and not know it, I mean I read where the 18 year old just found out at 5 1/2 months. I knew right away I was pregnant..!!!I just find this so amazing...is this possible...? but anyways congrat on her new arrival later on...so she is 18, she is considered and adult so no one really has anything to say about her being preg, just be thankful she wants it and her family is supporting her. Good Luck...
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Some girls don't have regular cycles. Some are in denial and refuse to believe it could happen to them. Over exercizing can cause you to stop cycling all together. It happens...
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I guess that could be possible...thanks...
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It happened to a friend of mine who was giving me a hard time about getting pregnant again. She found out that her heart burn was a bun in the oven. LOL She had endometriosis (sp?) and never imagined she could be preggers! I still won't let her live it down!!
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I have never been pregnant, so I really can't answer your question. But I do know that when I was younger, my cycles were completely off. There were times where I would not have my period for 4 or 5 months and then when I did, it happened every 2 weeks. My Dr. hestitated on putting me on the pill since I was so young and was not sexually active. Once I did become sexually active, I got on the pill and haven't had any problems since. My Dr said what I went through was completely normal and it happens to a lot of girls.

Not everyone is going to have the same things happening to their bodies. We are all unique when it comes to how our bodies work, so please don't judge someone before you know all the facts. I've heard of several women who did not know they were pregnant until after a few months, so yes I do think that it can happen.
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I was almost 6 months pregnant before I knew. There were extenuating circumstances before, I thought I had the flu! The doctor came back in the room and told me I better find a name for this flu and quickly. Later, I would find out that my body was allergic to the fetus. I had morning noon and night sickness for 9 months straight, lost a lot of weight and itched uncontrollably all over. Not a fun time at all.

My son was born c-section, heavily compromised healthwise and lived 18 hours. That was a loooong time ago, and really rare circumstances. I had a total hysterectomy at age 21. I had no choice, it had to be done.
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Oh, MaryAnn, how sad! ((((hugs))))
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gosh, what an awful experience for you MA! ((hugs))

I knew right away with mine, but I did have a friend who never knew she was pregnant until she went in for a routine checkup and the doctor told her the news and she was 5 months along too...It was quite a surprise for everyone!
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I knew right away w/ both of my children, but my mother didn't know that she was pregnant w/ me until she was 5 months along. She also had irregular cycles, and had no other symptoms.

I don't think that any two people are exactly alike, everyone has their own body chemistry.
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one of my coworkers was telling me the other day she got pregnant with her second child while breastfeeding (it happens despite what they say) and she was 5 months along before she found out. another lady i worked with had the same thing happen (pregnant while breastfeeding) but she found out at 3 months.
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well I geuss like many of you say each person is different, oh wow I have heard people say they had this awful pain and went to the hospital and they were in labor and didn't know they were pregnant now that's really hard to believe!
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