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Anyone else having one of those days?

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So this morning was going ok, went to work, got some canned food for Ruby because she's constipated (at least I think that's what's going on) so I got her some bland food from the clinic. Everything was fine, got home and someone shows up so I went outside and met them on the porch (don't know why I didn't just let the dogs bark and ignore them) and this lady gets out of her truck and proceeds to tell me that she's not wearing a bra because she got these awful burns and they screwed her up when they fixed her and she only wears a bra for court and church and she avoids both as much as possible etc etc. And then she goes on to tell me that she's going door to door selling her vegetables. When I say no thanks, I'm all set she says well just come look anyways because it doesnt cost anything to look does it (Yes, it costs time and I dont have any!) so I'm trying to be polite then she starts asking about the house (it's for sale) and she asks the price which I didnt want to tell her but didnt want to say "None of your crazy business!" so I told her and then she goes back to her vegetables. Finally my mom sticks her head out the window and says there's a phone call for me (there wasnt really) so she finally left.
And my mom's swearing up and down that somethings wrong in the kitchen plumbing because it smells musty in the kitchen (I cant smell a thing).
And the earliest I can get an appointment at the vets tomorrow for poor Ruby is 1pm.
ARGH!! It's just one those days! I've got so much to do and so much to worry about that I'm not making any progress at all.
So, what exciting/weird/crazy stuff has been going on with you today?
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that crazy vegetable lady sounds nuts alright!
Hope you have a better day tomorrow.
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It is geting to be a full moon, (waxing, 80%) and if dont believe in all that moon stuff, ask any person who works in an ER, they will tell you.
The past few days, through my own haze, have seen people acting quite strange. A man singing at the bus stop, loud, to no song, a lady yelled at me for stealing her shoe, (I of course did not)
Ginger, (my cat) is acting goofy, like a kitten with a devil!
I tell you, Its the moon *spooky nioses*
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Most people seem quite strange to me. She honestly sounds like half the population the town I live in...

It's a good thing your mother saved you.
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Yikes, what goofyness is that? Crazy vegetable people. Nuf said. Were they selling mushrooms?

Trillcat, no one steals shoes in Wisc? You must be in one of the larger citys, without spilling the location beans. Or wait....Maybe you are in one of the small small townships. Things can get weird there.

So sez I. A Wisconsin expatriate.
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I just had a "discussion" with customer support at the cable company. I was trying to pay my bill on line.

After going thru the steps to change my billing account to match my e-mail account. This is new and required (also something I did not want to do) then updating my security questions, it told me that I was not the account holder and denied me access.

Apparently my account was closed four years ago. Silly me I've been paying the bill every month on a closed account.

This did come up a year ago and was supped to be fixed. And up until today I have been paying on line with not problem.

My biggest complaint is that the guy talked to me like I was an idiot.

He kept telling me "the thing about computers is you have to read what it is telling you". "If you just follow the instructions you have no problems."

In the end I thanked him for his time and for talking to me like he thought I was stupid.

I think I'm going back to paying by check.
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