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Anyone need a redecorator? Ramsey's available!

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Ramsey has been a bit of an oddball since we got him. He just does things differently than any cat I've ever known.

Recently, he's taken to redecorating. He has decided that his favorite place to lay is on top of the dryer in the laundry room. However, more often than not, there is laundry on the dryer. He'll move the laundry around, building himself a little fort to sleep in and then, when he's done, he'll take the clothes he didn't use for fort construction (even towels) and drag them upstairs and underneath a little table I have in the living room (his vacation fort?).

He loves carrying things around this house! I swear, it's the cutest thing he does.

Anybody else have their own interior decorator?
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Pepper and Scooter have redecorated my couch with fringes.
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Lol. Mine have done the same to one of my recliners. It seems that they don't care for microfiber, but anything with looser threading is up for the kill!
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I WISH mine didn't care for microfiber! I have 3 scratching posts of various materials all around the house (tall ones and the floor kind), but they prefer to shred my loveseat! When the hubby comes home from deployment, he's going to string up some kitties.

The two girls I've got left from Loudmouth's last litter keep gettign into my fabric room. They just love to drag out all my quilting blocks and pattern pieces, but most of all, they love to get the little bitty scraps of fabric and the long strips for selveges and drag them into the living room. If i don't close the door to that room at night, I wake up to a living room that looks like a parade passed through. Multi-colored kitty-created confetti EVERYWHERE!!!

Cuddles drags the fabric around too. But mostly he has a stuffed kitten toy that hubby got me for valentine's day a few years ago. Cuddles will grab it by the ear or by the back of its neck, drag it to the center of the room, and when all eyes are on him, he proceeds to kick its guts out and chew on its face. Poor little thing!
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Teddy likes dragging things around the house. I never had a cat do that before, but it's so cute. However, he also has a knack for knowing what clothes I will be wearing the next day and roll around with it. lol
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Blossom likes to knock things off any high spot. Like book shelves, the kitchen benches etc. The only things she carries around are her food containers. She knows how to open the kitchen cupboard & take the container out, open it & help herself to her food. I've had to find alternate places to keep her food.
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Hunter will not tolerate a cluttered end table. He will lie down on it, then casually flick papers off with his tail. Then he starts using his body for bigger things until thee is nothing on the table but him.

Arch and Mitty fringed every piece of upholstered funiture in the room before I found a scratching post they liked, and subsequent rescued kittens have convinced me to pack away what is left of the what nots that used to decorate my piano top.

Cats have also been the reason I switched from mini blinds to heavy second hand curtains. They can destroy a set of mini blinds in one evening!
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Jordan likes to ''redecorate" when things are anywhere he might like to lay. I used to have more things on my dresser, but he has pushed them all off. Some survived & just got put away, some did not survive.
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My bed very rarely gets made..Generally whenever someone is coming over to the house because we never shut doors so anyone can see anything. But normally right after the bed has been made Ive got two cats on top of the covers making "holes" and one under the covers with his head on a pillow so all that fussing and fluffing Ive done is a waste. Now I just dont even bother half the time because its going to get unmade anyways and I figure if anyone comes over and doesnt like the fact that I didnt make my bed..They can get over it! I make my bed for my mom and BFs dad cuz they pick on me about not making the bed!
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Mine like to pull the dishtowels off the front of the stove and drop them down the hall like bread crumbs. I occasionally find one tucked under the covers on my bed and they've started dragging them through the cat flap to the enclosed patio.

I'm pretty sure Lion was the one who started this. It never happened until he was about 5 months old. Since Lion was adopted about a month after that, I think Shareena is the main culprit now. I've even caught her with two dish towels in her mouth, one hanging out each side.
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