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I have had it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As you well know a week ago I cut my finger bad,Sunday I lost my camera ,today my washer died!!!!
I am going to hide in my bed and not come out! And to top it all off,there are no jobs,out there right now!!!
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Awww Sherral, I don't know how to cheer you up, Poor thing!

I'm so so sorry all these nasty things are happening!

If it helps stay here coz we luv ya!

Sending Feel better vibes to my good buddy Sherral

Love Sam
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AWwww!! Big hug!!

Well you know, sometimes the best thing to do is just go back to bed, eat some ice cream and watch a good movie. Take today and just chill, and don't feel guilty about it!
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Is there a stream nearby and a big rock? You can beat your clothes on a rock!

Smile Sherral- so far, I have had the well tank go out on our irrigation well-so in the process of fixing it, the horses got ancy, tipped over the old fashioned claw bathtub (I use as a water trough) Racer kicked a hole in it, and Trav cut his foot on the hole. The vet had to come out and put 9 stitches in my horse's foot!

Then i just got in 5 tons of hay to store for winter, and somehow last night, mama skunk got in the hay barn and christened the stacks! I lost a LOT of hay!

So see, you aren't the only one with a run of bad luck!
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When it rains it pours huh?? I am so sorry you are having such a bad week.....Hopefully things will start to look up by the weekend!..((((((HUGS))))))
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Aww Sherral!!!!

Sending positive vibes your way!!!!

Can the washer be saved? I hope so.

How is your finger feeling?
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I hope so,Ted dosn't know anything about them! Finger is still tender.
Thanks, Oh Hissy I hope the horse will be ok!!! Sorry about your hay. Ick.MMMMM ice ceram,I think I will send Ted up to buy some CHOCOLATE ice cream!
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Chocolate ice cream and Pepsi can heal a lot of hurts.
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It sure can and I have one of those big chocolate Hershey candy bar's in my desk drawer,right beside me!!
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s there a stream nearby and a big rock? You can beat your clothes on a rock!
Sure, the stream where she lost her camera!

Seriously, bad luck does tend to come in threes. Maybe this is the last of it.
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I hope so!,Hissy do you really want me near a stream?
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I sooooooooooooooooo feel for you! You are having my kind of life!!! If you ever need someone to talk to just email me. We can try together. If you find a good hiding place let me know!!!
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I tend to close myself off in the bathroom with candles and a nice hot bubble bath!
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I'll hide too.. I can't find a job and I have no money and I keep having nightmares that octopus's attack me in bed..

one time my friend went w/o a washer for like 3 months, she would hand wash her clothes in her kitchen sink so she didn't have to pay @ a laundrymat.. lol.
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I washed out a couple of pair of pantys,in the sink today!
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Hey, washing them in the sink isn't something to be embarassed about. NOT washing them, now that would be bad!
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ick too icky to think about!
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Sorry...I just couldn't resist!

Sherral, sending you a hug. Things will get better! I think you need to hug a purring cat.
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yes and I need ice cream & Pepsi! Lots and lots !!!!!!
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or maybe proze(sp)!
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or a bottle of JD!
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LOL Sherral!!!

Sending you some virtual Prozac:
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Oops here it is
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Aww Sherrel.... Sorry you are having a run of bad luck. It will get better for you. You just have to keep at it and dont let the bad luck take control over you.

P.S. Hissy.... Sorry about Trav cutting his hoof... I will send some healing vibes for him ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.
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Don't worry, it will get better. I know, it is easy to say and when it all goes down hill its hard to imagine life getting better, but it gets to a certain point that that is all it can do. In one week a few years back I went from a very promising summer to being homeless, jobless, boyfriendless, car impounded, credit card lost, and majority of my family not talking to me because of an issue. Slowly, but surely, it got better. I always see these times as life's way of preparing me for something else down the road. So I can appreciate the small things in life, and when it gets bad I know what to do to recover.

What would you like to do Sherral? If you are up for anything, and I do mean anything, and you live by either a Lowes or a Home Depot consider applying there for at least the summer. Right now both are in hiring spurts because of the season, and they tend to pay better then their equivlants. Jus an idea.

*sending good vibes your way*
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HEADS UP!! Are aware that unemployment will pay for education? Might be something to look into. That way you have something positive to focus on and get additional skills that could help make you more marketable.

Hope that helps.

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Sherral and MA! You're in luck! They say bad things happen in 3's so you're both now safe to come out from under the bed and greet the day!
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