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Our Daily Thread for Monday, June.11th

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hello everyone ! good morning !

well, it is just about 5:00 a.m. here, and i am about to tackle cleaning my house,
which will take about 3 hours !

but, let me tell you, i had better see some postings from Deb25, Shannon, Catarina,
Chuck, Colby, Spike, Anne, vlinder - where are you guys ?! dont tell me you have lives !

say it aint so !

and i'm sure there's even more of you i'm forgetting, come back !!

well, we all miss your postings, hope you all had a good weekend, and here's to
and even better week !

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Hey everyone

Hope it was a great weekend for everyone. I don't have a computer at home right now (my boyfriend took it to westpoint) so I can't post over the weekend. I can't believe all the stuff I miss!!

my boyfriend drove back from westpoint this weekend & we just sat around & watched movies all weekend. It was really nice & relaxing. I must say I was extremely disapointed in Charlies Angels. the plot was so weak. I liked the special effects and the girl power but it could have been a lot better. Debby, I don't know if I can recommend 'the brotherhood' to you. It really wasn't that good. BAD acting. and would you believe after I got home after calling you, I wasn't even hungry! (I called her from the grocery store & I was starved & buying all this junk food) oh and the BBQ chicken in a biscuit weren't that good!

everyone have a beautiful monday
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Good morning. I have been watching the news about Timothy McVeigh. He is gone now. I feel for the families and it must be a very hard day for them. All those bad memories must be rushing back to them.
Other than that I am minding my grandaughter Jessie and will be taking her out soon. We have to go and get more kitten food.
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Hello, everyone! Well, for a Monday today ain't bad. This morning, for instance, a truck from the property-management company pulled up and they took the god-awfully huge "Now Leasing" sign down from the outside front wall of our apartment. I immediately rushed out and took a photograph — before they come back and put an even more horrible monstrosity up in its place. Now I can actually send photographs of our home to people whom I know, without having them think I live inside a billboard!

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Hmmm Monday.... I think the biggest thing about today is the McVeigh execution. Now I know that there are lots of ya'll that are against the death penalty and and ya know... that's okay. I for one am for it, although I do think we waste to much time and tax payer money waiting to actually execute them. I know there are people who'll say that " well, what about all those who are actually innocent. To that I can say the only things I really can. Firstly, if you live in the U.S., this is OUR system of law, the same one that we fought and died for many times over, it isn't perfect, not by a long shot, but it is the best we have. Secondly, Let's not for one second kid ourselves that, in alot of ways, guilt or innocence is based upon how much money you have.

The answer to both.... vote, again not the most perfect, but it is ours.
Now, back to my main point (seems I have so many)...

TV deserved what he got, actually, he got ALOT better than he deserved. Did it make someone else contemplating murder to think twice, probably not, but i'm sure in some small way, those who have been affected by his actions, have at least, found a bit of closure. I hope they will sleep a bit better tonight.

He made his choice, knowing the consequences, he did it anyway. We all have to live by that.

Just to let you know, he never said anything (gutless slim), but he did manage to give the warden a 1875 poem Invictus, an ode to strength in the face of suffering by William Ernest Henley.

It makes me sick..... here it is, of course with my comments added in red..

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

Hmmmm no god for you buddy, I'm thinkin right about now you're in hell

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Circumstance? Chance? OH please........

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

Still trying to maintain the air of control huh? not working, judging from the look on your face as told by the witnesses

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

To bad you couldn't have let all those people you hurt, maimed and killed, be the masters of their fate, the captains of their souls.

I'm glad you're gone, but I really think you should have gone with at least half as much pain as you put others through.

Okay, I feel better.....

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Hi I am here... not much to say, it is Monday and pouring down rain. I can't wait to go home curl up on the couch with my blanket and my kitty. She's gonna cuddle all night with me. :LOL:
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Hi everybody,

Today was a day from hell at work. But now that it's 7:30 p.m. here, it's quiet. I had a pretty nice weekend with my daughter Amy and my friend Susie. We spent the day shopping (Amy and I) and then went to Sue's beach house and cooked dinner on the grill.

I spent my last night with my Bubba Dude, Casey who went to live a Sue's house. I kept trying to put it out of my mind until the very last minute. Then came the reality it was time. He cried all the way there. I got him set up and the first thing he did was hide under her wicker loveseat. I miss him alot but know that I'm doing what's best for him. She said he seems very calm (from under the loveseat) and likes his neck scratched near his ears. My other cats at home are very relaxed so maybe this is what was needed.

I bought a bobbing-headed cat for my car's back window and named it KIA (make of the car) and a bumper sticker that says "the more people I meet, the more I like my cat". I have to add an "s" to that.

Sunday I went to the Tag Sale on the Green with Rene. It was a beautiful weekend out.

And....I'VE GOT A DATE!!!!! Yes Ken, he has a pulse and he is breathing. No, he's not blind and does not have a seeing eye dog. Will keep you posted. First in 8 years.

Other than that, it's the same old stuff. Hope everyone had a good day.
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Now Donna, I have to meet him, cuz he's gotta pass the Ken test, Else he doesn't get to date you....

Actually I hear he's pretty good lookin.. and nice to boot!

Jeez, can you imagine what Kylee is gonna have to go through, you know when she starts dating at 30.

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Oh.. Hey Donna, that kitty you got for your back window wouldn't by chance be the one from PA, would it???

Get it??

I know you, Rene and Sandie and Michelle will... hehehehee

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whooppee Donna... how exciting. You have to fill me in on all the details!! I can't wait to hear all about it.
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Well...I survived the first day of Summer Reading Program at my libraries...Had 140 kids total at two programs today...Wheooo!!!

It's going to be a long six weeks...I have at least two craft projects a week...then a special program every other week...and that doesn't include the Preschool Storytime I do every week ( twice-once in each building)

Any smypathy and encourgement will be sincerely appreiated by me...LOL

On the good side, we finally have some nice weather!!! Hubby been working hard in getting our inground pool ready to swim in..
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Donna....please tell us how your date goes!!!

Ken....I was also glad that TV got his reward this morning...although....I think it stinks that he killed so many innocent people, and children even, who probably suffered terribly before they died, and all he got was a lethal injection...put to sleep....id it fair that he didn't have to suffer like his victems did? An eye for an eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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also you are right about giult or innocence depending on how much money you have....look at OJ Simpson!!!!
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Monday seems to be a typical Monday for me. I feel drained and like someone beat the tar out of me. If I had 1000 pages to complian in..I would fill all 1000!! I am sure everyone knows what I mean.
I did want to share some good news though. I got the results back from the tick that got my daughter last Monday. It tested negative for both Lyme and Ehrlichia. So I am very happy about that. I am hoping that Tuesday proves to be less stressful.
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First of all:

Whoo hoo, Donna! Way to go, girl!

Blue: I am so busy right now that I can barely think straight. Be assured that I have not gotten a life. I have a 10 page paper due on Thursday night for my one grad class that I have not even started yet. I was out of town for my high school reunion this past weekend. Hopefully things will settle down, as I gave up my summer school job today. I feel so behind on everyone's posts. I try to get on at night to read them all, but I just don't have the time to respond. I am here in spirit. Tonight I am wired, as I had to drink 3 cups of coffee to get through the whole day and 4 hours of my law class tonight. At least I can start to break this cycle of exhaustion by not having to get up at 5:30 a.m. for school. Tomorrow morning, it's time to bang out this paper.
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