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Okay, here's a question in light of a thread on another forum (re: AKC vs. ACA in dogs): are some of the cat registries considered "bogus"? Which ones are respected? Example, among dogs AKC is the most respected registry. UKC is legitimate as well but has a smaller following. Others are considered "paper mills" just for profit who's papers mean nothing. It's easy for me in dogs; but the cat registries are basically new to me. I imagine CFA is = to AKC. It sounds like TICA is also. Is ACFA equally respected? And I just stumbled upon this registry.. AACE ...reminds me of APRI (dogs) or am I wrong? Which ones are worthless and should I not waste my time on (for HHP classes)? The show Gigi is entered in next weekend is ACFA. I have a good feeling about this registry, but what do I know? Thanks!!

Here's a link to the AACE site
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P.S. I should add that...duh, since I"m showing HHP I know it doesn't REALLY matter b/c this is just for fun and no actual "papers" are involved; however I don't want to support and fund an org. that is not considered reputable Thanks
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TICA and CFA are the big well known registries. ACFA is newer, much smaller, less well known, but OK from what I have heard.

There are also other legit registries worldwide. GCCF, etc.
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Actually, TICA originated from ACFA. ACFA has been around since 1955. TICA was in part formed by Georgia Morgan, a then ACFA president who resigned mid-term to form TICA in the late 1970's.
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CFA seems to be the oldest.
It started in 1906.
TICAS first show was held in 1979.
Here is a link to how TICA started.
Here is a list of some of the other registries.
Some of the breeders I know show in these.
I heard ACFA is ok also but they do not have shows out here anymore.
They had some in Monterey a few times.
I just show in TICA and CFA.
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Originally Posted by FerrisCat View Post
Actually, TICA originated from ACFA. ACFA has been around since 1955. TICA was in part formed by Georgia Morgan, a then ACFA president who resigned mid-term to form TICA in the late 1970's.
Interesting, I didn't realize that. I wonder why ACFA is so obscure and has so few shows compared to TICA?
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I show ACFA and CFA (ACFA is older then TICA) - its a very legit registry. AACE is a spin off of ACFA - not a big association and mainly in the NE section of the USA - not across country. BTW TICA is also a spin off of ACFA

Nial ACFA has had some problems in the past and lost a lot of clubs to TICA/CFA due to conflicts. I still would support ACFA over either of the others
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Martice is that why there are no ACFA shows out here.
I would love to go to one of thier shows just to see what it is like.
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Jacky, there just is no ACFA club started in California - I don't know why. We were thinking of trying to start another club on the west side of MN - but right now the cost of start up, etc. is too much. So we are putting it on hold.

Its difficult to get a club started - especially in this time with job situations, unknown security, etc.
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There are a few inactive TICA clubs here.
There are also aot of the CFA clubs that are not doing well here.
This is the ACFA show that was in California last Jan.
17-18 January, Monterey, Calif., USA
Club: Cats Gone Wild
Venue:Monterey Fairgrounds, 2004 Fairgrounds Rd.
Public show hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

I found thee ACFA cubs out here.
Southwest Region

HEMET, CA 92543

HEMET, CA 92543

Mary S. Gilbert
Po Box 1317
Aaroyo Grande, Ca 93421
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Oh GOOD! Thank you all for the input! I am glad ACFA is thought well of and it sounds like most of them are not bad, just small. I sure didn't know that ACFA was that old, nor that TICA stems from it! Hmm. Learn something new every day! That's why I love this site so much!!
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From a little New Zealand Cat Fancy (Aptly called the NZCF) we have a great relationship with CFA - our TICA relationship is good too but I don't think we would get judges from any other American registry (no doubt some clubs do though). We enjoy inviting CFA judges because they are professional, have a high standard of dress and are used to talking to big crowds - also they go through extensive training.

The members of the WCC (World Cat Congress) to me are the most respected fancies in the world:

Although I do have to admit I do not know much about WFC - all the others, yes.

New Zealand currently shares two cat fancies (our country has a population of just over 4 million) one is the NZCF (my one) and another is Catz which was set up in 2000/2001 and has a total of four judges and runs maybe 5-6 shows a year. Compared to the 20-30 judges of my fancy and runs closer to 40 shows per year.
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I too do not know much about WCF. I do know that they do not recognize the Egyptian Mau breed, though they recently accepted a new breed called the Arabian Mau for registration. They also recognize many other new and exciting breeds that I don't get to see in the states, such as the Kurillian Bobtail, the Burmilla, and Australian Mist. Wish they'd recognize one of our oldest breeds in the fancy, though. . .
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WCF doesn't recognize an Egyptian Mau??? That's one of the oldest breeds!
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You'd be interested to know Nial that there's finally a TICA club in Malaysia now (well there was one a few years back but it sort of disappeared...). Twould be interesteing for me to enter one of their shows
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