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A prize

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A prize (nothing big or flashy, so don't get too excited!) to whoever figures out what Punkin is doing in this photo.

Hint: Lying on the dashboard is not sufficient!
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hmmm that's a tough one...chasing the windshield wipers maybe??
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Shadow boxing?
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Is she lying on paper work you need ?
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Playing with another cat on the other side of the windshield?
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Punkin is swatting at a bug.
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ut0pia got it on the first try!

This was in our last big truck, a Volvo 780, metallic blue. Punkin loved rain storms, because he loved chasing the windshield wipers. He especially liked them on intermittent, because they would "jump" without any warning.
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Awwww...thats a cute picture! Silly kitty!
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Punkin is one brave kitty!!! Jake would be hiding under the seat lol..
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Punkin loved the truck. As far as he was concerned, he had two houses; one big quiet one, and one little noisy one. He always was ready to meet new people, see new things. He rode a lot of the time in the map shelf we had beside the driver's seat, so he could sleep and get petted.

On the dash

Looking out for trouble

Asleep on the seat

Asleep on the map

When we were at home and getting ready to go to work (we left Tuesday morning and made two round trips to Phoenix every week, finishing up Saturday morning), we'd open his carrier and he would climb right in. The same way in the truck when we got done for the week.

He DID scare us by jumping down and taking off a couple of times. We don't let him outside, because he has no sense about outdoor safety.
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Punkin is an absolute doll! He is a lucky boy to appreciate both of his homes!
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Awww he is soo adorable!!I love his mane
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Well done ut0pia!

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