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kitten LOVES chicken, pork, sadine...

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Ok I think you may have seen my previous posts about my little kitten like to scoop out and spread his dry kitten food and only eats his wet food if it's fresh out of the can. And he steals from his bigger sister.

One of the strangest behavior is when we eat, especially if the food includes chicken, pork or sadine, Tigger goes bunkers, he would climb all over you to get a bite. When I do give him a little say chicken, he jump up so high to get it and would snap my finger along with the food like he hasn't eaten for days. Is this normal kitten behavior, or is it becase he used to be a starving kitten until he was saved by the animal rescue. He has a sad story.
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The problem with giving kitties people food is they learn to get on the tables and eat off your plate. As this may seem cute, family gatherings may become uncomfortable if the cat is eating the turkey from the table before anyone else is even seated.

Cat and Kitten food is formulated just for your kitties needs. Some people food is poisonous to cats and should be avoided at all costs.

If the kitten was forced to fend for its self it may think it has to find food where ever it can. You must teach it to eat it's food and not eat people food. Canned food can be fed several times a week and dry should be available at all times.

Good luck with your kitty.
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Pork is not good for the kitties.
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Most cats, even with a good start will go bonkers for good people food. If you choose to give it to him, just make sure you give it as treats so that he eats his regular food, and also make sure it's cooked.
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I have only given him bits of chicken when he seems to be so devastated....

I never trained my other cat after I adopted her, if she really wants something, at best she will jump off her favorite chair and come sit by my feet and watch us eat.

The kitten's behavior around dining table is so appauling that we have to lock him in a separate room - otherwise I will likely have a kitten on my head or shoulder. Must due to his past where his mother and even the whole litter had to live on garbage?
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When we adopted Romeo, his table manners were terrible. He would try to pull food out of your hand, off the fork, etc. We learned that a quick HISS at him works. It takes a few weeks and persistent, consistent effort, but they DO learn.
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Isis was fed cooked chicken and rice by her breeder when she was a wee kitten. Now when she smells food in the kitchen, it's hers. And she is a thief. She tried to run off with a slice of pizza the size of her the other day.
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Both of my cats when I got them had TERRIBLE table manners.

Luckily when I got Russell I had help from two very experienced cat owners with whom I was living with and didn't even know that this site existed. I think I would have went mad without hints and pointers.

Russell was fed at about half an hour before us humans sat down to eat. The theory was that he would be full and less interested in people food. And any attempt made to approach us, (mostly me), at the dining table would result in him being placed back on the floor with a stern "no" and ignored. Even a quick glance at him was seen as an invitation by him.

Esper was much the same although she used to go to extremes to jump up on the kitchen counter to look for possible leftovers or tidbits. She was placed back on the floor with a stern "no" and ignored. And at times I had to use a can of dried beans or coins to make a loud noise to convince her that the counter was a bad place to be. This was tricky and I had to use the element of surprise so she wouldn't see it and so that she would associate the sound with the counter and not me.
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My kitten has horrible manners, too, and it is all my fault. When I make up her bowl, she jumps on the kitchen counter and watches me. When she hears the microwave or oven ding, she knows it is dinnertime for mommy and runs to the kitchen and watches me prepare my food, then she follows me and sits right by me begging - I know cats are suppose to be lactose intolerant but she drives me crazy when I have a snack of cheese - I usually end up giving her some. It's hard to say no to those big green eyes. She will eat anything.
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