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Ah theres a link here somewhere.. deep in TCS cyberspace.. where a couple of pals removed my hair in a photograph and showed my baldness to all who dared to look!!! (Not the most appealing of looks.... I seem to resemble a potato)
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Oh my gosh that's hilarious.

Let me guess, Kimward did it LOL
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Well, its a good guess, but alas no... though I'm sure she had a hand in it some how... it was BillChamb, but I don't think he comes here much anymore ... probably best for all of us that way... (Billy, if you're reading this... love ya hun!! )
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Bummer...I did a bunch of searches and couldn't find it.
I only know what you look like with hair LOL.
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Sorry Ali... perhaps its safer that way... don't want you having nightmares!!!
It was a very old thread...
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Well, time for me to go now.. - hubby has just come back from exercising.... with bag full of chocolate! ... and itd just be rude to make him eat it ALL....

See you all again soon and take care everybody!
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Looks like I missed you! Glad you could pop in though.
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Wow Bod. Sorry I missed you popping in. Makes it feel like old home week around here.
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YOu are very obviously popular here bodlover! Look at all those replies!!!! WOWZERS!!!
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Hi Rhea!!!!!

WE miss you! Come back!
Glad to see you dropped by, try to check in more often!
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Awwww....I missed Bod!! Long time no see chikk! Let me see, the last time I saw you Nakita was just a baby. Now she's already a year old!!

You have been away way too long. Glad to see you again and we want pictures!

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Hiya Rhea!!
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Glad you could pop in! You certainly have been missed. All kind of exciting things have happened in you absence. I hope you can get back enough to catch up.
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Hi Rhea! You've been missed around here! Hope to see you around the boards!
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Hey, Rhea! Its about time, that you got back.

I have a wonderful new job and twin granddaughters, born April 26. I'll have to find the threads, with the pix. Don't ask me which is which, as I can't tell them apart.
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Sorry to have missed you Rhea! Glad to see you around and that everything's ok Come back often!
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All I have to say is thank goodness for e-mail. I don't know how I would survive without my Bodlover fix!
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Rhea mate! Ohmygoodness it's good to hear from you! Hope life is treating you well and you and your zoo are happy! LOL

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