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Just dropping by!!!

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Hi all!! Long time no see eh?!?!?! Just had a half hour spare while hubby goes out exercising (and no, ~Im not joining him!! )
So how are you all doing?!?! Do any of you remember me?!?!
We've been pretty busy lately with this and that, we have some new additions to the family - as well as the cats and dogs, we now have two Ball (Royal) Pythons named Max and Tilly, and one Boa Constrictor named Harley..... we also have a little ginger female kitten on the way (a rescue) who we are naming Poppy but she is only 3/4 weeks old at the mo so we have to wait...

Anyway, blah blah blah - how are you all doing!??!
Its so good to pop in for a while!!
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I don't remember you, but welcome back!!!!!
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Rhea! Very long time!

Glad to hear from you again!!! Any chance you'll be able to become a regular fixture around here again?????
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Thankyou Rock & Fluffs mom, I was a member here a while ago and practically used to live on ths site while I was at work (I have a very boring job )until my boss found out and I was banned from the net!!

Still... its good to be back... yeah good to be back!!
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Thanks Heidi!!! (Sorry if my replies are a little slow, this computer is SOOOOOO slow!! )
Don't know about becoming a permanent feature again, I'd love too.... but I don't know... This computer makes me violent!! :LOL:
I'll be trying to pop in a little more though
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Nice to see you back, Rhea! Wow, a couple of new snakes and a kitten on the way? Better make sure to keep them separate

Hope to see you around here as often as you can make it!
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You have been missed here! I hope to hear from you more often!!!
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Thanks guys
And Christy... don't worry, the snakes and kitties are kept very seperate...
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Hey there!!
How are those cute doggies of yours? Any new pics?
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Hey Alicat!! Yep, the doggies are fine thanks - ALOT bigger than my last pics!! I'll see if I've got any pics .... though, it could take some time on this comp...
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Dayem... sorry, I just checked and all my pup pics were on the other comp... so I'll have to re-scan them..
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Hey Rhea, I was wondering where you went. I was thinking about some of the members who aren't here as much, and you popped into my mind. How do all of your animals get along? Do your dogs want to eat the snakes? Friends of mine have a python and 2 dogs, one of the dogs is fascinated by the snake--she thinks it's her dinner!

Hope to see you more often.
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Hey Brenda, thanks for thinking of me!
Yep, the animals all get along - though the snakes are in a room the rest of the animals can't get to... just in case We get the snakes out alot so they are happy enough - the cats have seen them through the glass in their vivs (under supervision of course) but the dogs haven't been introduced yet... hahah... funnily enough, its the cats that rule the house... they enjoy tormenting the dogs and then climbing a wall/fence/whatever to watch the havoc they've wrecked...
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I don't remember if I had pics then, but I got a Great Dane puppy around the time you got your pups and here he is now -
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Hey you! Nice to see you here again (not that I don't "talk" to you almost every day with e-mail.)

Why aren't you exercising with Sam?

Remember when you had more posts then I did?
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Wow!! Ali what a gorgeous pup!!! Ooo I want one!! (now see what you've done?!?! ) My pups are bigger than they were, but they aren't quite THAT big!!

Hey Ady!! I'm not exercising with Sam because... uh.. well.. um.... gotta go... *runs*
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PS Ady - as for the posts.... I always knew you yapped more than me!!! hehehehehe... now just shut up for a bit and let me catch up ok?!?!?!
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I am so excited to see you again! Woo Hoo!!!
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Rhea!!! It's so good to see you again! You haven't been forgotten and we'd love it if you would stop by more often!!
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LOL I still have way less posts than you Rhea!!

Aww thanks, we think he's pretty great ourselves! Lots of work though, and sometimes painful having a dog that big!! But he's a sweetie. 8.5 months in that pic, almost 10 months now!
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Thanks you two!! ITs great to be here again and see you!! I will try to get on more often... I'm such a slacker....
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Rhea!!!!! It's so good to know how you are doing. Take care of yourself
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Holy Moly Alicat!! not even ten months?!?!?! Thats the same age as ours and they aren't even half that size!! - And they're "painful" enough when they want to be! (ie, when they decide they want to sit on your lap!!)
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Welcome back Rhea!
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Thanks Sabra!! Hope you doing well too!! (again, apologies for my late replies, the page takes ages to load on my comp... while I'm typing a reply, somebody else has replied too!!)
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I saw your pics.. you're quite sexy.........
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Thanks Big Kat! I see your lovely pooch there too!!
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Why thankyou Sicycat.... but you should see the picture of me when I'm bald....thanks to certain catsite friends!!!
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What??!! lol...
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Well he IS a Great Dane LOL! (As is that beautiful Bella above!)
Yes lap sits are painful...especially with his super bony butt, but mostly it's the stepping on my feet that I mind!

Glad to see you here, I just returned again myself.
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