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Zoey keeps eating her toys!!!

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Gah!! This cat I swear!! Since I have gotten her she has eaten 2 full feathers (about 5 inches long), various things on the floor, and now the tails off her mice!! And I am still missing like 3 mice that I cant find in the apartment anywhere!

The white mouse. It's supposed to look exactly like the black mouse.. the tail is missing!!

How does she not get sick??? I have never seen her throw up, nor have I seen any strange objects in her poop ever. I just dont get it.

I just put all her toys in a drawer She's not getting any toys unless I am around to watch her. She does this crap while I'm at work.
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These toys are real fur from an animal. They could cause a blockage. If the toys were made somewhere besides the US it could even be made from cats.

Maybe I'm just a softy, but I never give real fur to my kitties. I don't like the idea of animals being made into toys. I understand killing for food, I just draw the line at making their remains into a toy.

It is a good idea to only let them play with the toys supervised.
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She's not getting any more mice, OR feathers.
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Good deal not giving her anymore of those type of toys. My cats love the caps off of milk jugs, empty spools of thread, and their favorite, those plastic containers that you get in gumball machines that have toys inside? Take the toys out, and fill the container with catnip, snap the lid back down and toss it on the floor.

Another favorite is a ball bin- a large cardboard box with the flaps cut off and three ping pong balls inside. The cat leaps over the top of the box to play with the ping pong balls inside, and tires out in a matter of minutes, because the balls don't escape.

Another thing you can try, is before going to work, put a bunch of pillows, maybe a small stool in the middle of your living room floor. Cover them with a clean sheet and make a cave-like playground underneath them. Throw in a few toys under the sheet and let the cat play in the tunnels you have created-
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Wow. Those are some great suggestions. Thank you hissy!!!

I'll bet you a million bucks Zoey could get those ping pong balls out!

It makes me mad that pet stores sell these toys that can be harmful to my cat.
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I have to second the recommendation for the milk jug caps, also the twisty part that comes off when you open the container. Laser Pointers, too, are great, Zoey would love them!
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moemoe and neo eat the thin tails off of the toy mice. they LOVEEEEEEEE those things off of mild bottles.
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My cats love the caps off of milk jugs,
I thought Rocky was the only cat who liked these things..he is crazy about them..he stashes them in a certain area and when he is ready to play he gets one by one out...
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I have a laser pointer.. she loves that. But I need toys for when I'm not here.

Where do these mice tails go?? I know she doesnt digest them (does she??)
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The caps off the milk are better than the rings. The cat can chew up the rings and sometimes they do not pass through the system. Makes for a rather large vet bill.
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Yeah I was going to say, Zoey would probly eat the rings..
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And she is not interested in the plastic bubble thing with catnip inside

I did buy some ping pong balls.. she's not all that interested. I need to find a box to put them in.

She loves those damn mice though. *sigh*
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Aren't cats crazy Tiki once ate a long thread with a pearl on it. I was about to fix a dress that got a lost pearl so I put a replacement pearl on a very long thread first. Then I got side-tracked (luckily I didn't put it through the needle yet).

Normal;y Tiki is not interested in any toy, so it wasn't something I worry about. But when I came back, the pearl and thread is gone and I can see a little bit of thread coming out of Tiki's mouth. I didn't dare to pull it out and I was worried sick for a few days. It turned out that she was fine - not that I will let her near any string or thread ever again without supervision.
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Oh my gosh.. that's scary. My first instinct would have been to pull it out, but you were right not to, that could probly cause damage. Just like ChiChi!! ChiChi somehow ate a LONG piece of thread. It was coming out of her butt.. I believe we had to take her to the vet (long time ago) she was ok but they said it could have messed up her intestines.

Zoey batted the ping pong ball around the kitchen earlier. Maybe that will keep her entertained while I'm at work. Along with her catnip bag.

Oh yeah, and Zoey just pooped earlier, I fully examined it but there were no traces of mouse tail! I dont get it.
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Oh my god all I can hear right now is the sound of Zoey screeching through the house batting ping pong balls around LOL

Thanks again hissy.. Guess she just needed to get warmed up.
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I have let my two play with them.

Only one drawback. If they decide to play with them in the middle of the night.
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Well I decided to call my vet, just to be sure Zoey would be ok, and to also find out what kind of symptoms may occur if something were to get blocked in her. Vet said normally small things like mice tails or feathers can get broken down and pass through her stools.. and we may not always be able to decipher them or see it. Unless she is vomiting, or not eating, sulking around.. she said not to worry about it, just keep those toys away from her in the future.
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My Leo loves ping pong balls too! And he even walks around with them in his mouth, and poked teeth marks in it! so now I only let him play with them when I am around (he partially crushed one, I don't know how he fits it is his mouth, it looks hilarious!)...he really loves getting them out of smaller card board boxes, it is really funny, and yes it's noisy when he swats it around the kitchen floor, through the dining room chairs, the bathroom....
my other two kitties don't care for them, but my Roxy loves tin foil balls! and I mean loves them, she will only play fetch with tin foil, and keeps us laughing for hours! try tin foil balls with Zoey, I bet she will go nuts!!!!
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I have tried tin foil balls with Zoey.. she could care less
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I found it! lol.. the decomposed tail in her poop

I feel better now knowing that she passed it.
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Maybe I'm alone on this one, but I'd rather have my cat chewing on something made of animal fur over plastic. Not to say that I endorse fur or fur wearing. But in the least it is something that is natural to a feline's digestion. Maybe not a house cat's...but.. Plastic is natural to nothing! My cats similarly chew off the fur on their meeces. This doesn't really concern me, because that's what the toys are for, designed for, and I haven't run in to any problems. When I clean up under the couch or in a rarely used closet I often find mice in various states of deconstruction. A lot of the times they are completely furless, just the black plastic (oh gah, plastic) shell. The only thing I would be concerned about would be the dyes used.
While on the topic of cats eating things they shouldn't.. I once heard that clumping cat litter is bad for cats because when they lick their fur they ingest it. And due to it's clumping nature it can build up inside them or something like that. Anyone have any information about that?
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I just looked at Zoey pics! she is adorable! what cute pics!!! Thanks for sharing!
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one idea you might like to try is get thoes minature whiffle balls ((about the size of ping pong balls with holes in it)) and try putting somthing that rattles inside it. The put the whiffle ball rattle inside a mettal ball case ((it's like a cage about the size of a softball)) and attach a fuzzy tail to it. My kittens all go nuts over it when i toss it on the floor. Of course they also go nuts over my shoes too... is that normal?

~ Salem
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I suppose I would rather have her eat fur than plastic.

She is having the most fun right now with her ping pong balls she likes them much better than those whiffle ball type things with bells in them. I think because the ping pong balls are very light, and they fly around the house with ease
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