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don't tell me cats aren't smart!

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Due to the recent spaying of two of the girls in my house, I've been locking kitties out of my room when I go to sleep at night. I don't need blood or scabs or anything on my bed, and since I won't let them in, eveyone else has to stay out too. This is heartbreaking to their brother, Cuddles, who has spent every night of his life since he was 8 weeks old curled up under my chin. (Who is currently kneading my chin with his paw, trying to get my attention OFF the laptop.) Within the last few days, Cuddles has realized that as soon as he hears my phone open or hears me start typing a text, that means I'm awake. As soon as he hears it, he's at the door, crying like he's dying and sticking paws under the door. And he'll keep doing it until I open the door and either let him come sit in my lap in bed, or go out and sit with them all in the living room and let him get his cuddle time in. I can sit in bed awake for an hour or two, reading or writing or checking email, and he won't bother me. But just as soon as he hears the phone, that tells him I'm awake. I've never had a dog that's made that connection. It's annoying but hopelessly cute at the same time. All he wants is some cuddle time.
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Aw, bless his heart!
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How adorable... Lolly is the same way! As soon as she hears Jon and I chatting in the morning, she's at the door, meowing and crying to come in. I love that in cats.
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Aww, that's so cute. My cat is that way with the alarm clock. Now the other cats are following her lead and I'll open the door to 5 cats sitting outside the door, competing to get into the room and onto the bed first!
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OH Miss Kitties, I completely understand that! It happened to me this morning!!! I checked to see if I had gotten any messages while I was asleep - the phone opened, made its chirping noise, and Cuddles was at the door going crazy. I typed a text back to a friend, sent it, and got up. When I opened the door I was nearly knocked down by a stampede of Kitties! Prissy, Loudmouth, Blue, Yellow, and Cuddles all ran into the room and promptly took up purring residence on my bed.

When I didn't immediately come join them, Cuddles jumped down, and climbed up my leg until I picked him up, crying his raspy little meow the whole time! Thank goodness for flannel jammies! Oh, there comes a day for all of us when we realize we have been trained by our kitties.
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That's very cute.
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I couldnt lock my cats or dog out of the bedroom with the entire army backing me up. All three cats generally sleep in bed with us and Franklin has his own bed and pillow on the floor that he uses at first and has now taken to howling on the side of the bed BEGGING FOR HIS LIFE to get up with and sleep..As long as he pees before bed BF has been letting him back up in bed with us so Ive got Fatman on one side with me GiGi and Franklin in the middle sleeping together and Hercules at either my feet or BFs feet and they generally wake me up about 5 minutes before my alarm goes off because they know my work schedule better than me and wake me up as soon as the programmed coffee maker starts and they smell coffee! LOL..
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