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In March, I brought our barn cat Slick in because she was the last female and she was pregnant hoping to curb the amount of cats in the neighborhood. She ultimately had 6 kittens. She was feral, but she tamed right down and did not revert to her feral personality after the babies were born. I found homes for 4 of the babies, but I still have Slick and two kittens who are now 5 months old. I have them in an attached workshop which is not heated but receives warmth from the rest of the house. The kittens get along just fine with my 7 other cats. There has been a screen door separating them. The kittens come in with the others and play and no one has a problem. But, I am apprehensive with letting Slick in. She has never shown any aggression toward the others. They will sit on each side of the screen door and look at eachother and interact. She has made a couple of moves toward them, but I looked at it as friendly. No hissing, inflated tails etc. They do not show any aggression toward her either. I feel so bad for her when her babies come in and she just sits there on the other side of the door and watches. She will have to come in before winter. I have done this numerous times with no probs. I guess I just need a bit of encouragement. I know it won't happen overnight. It will probably take a couple of weeks before things settle down. Funny, I've given advice on this, but I guess I am being overly cautious. Thanks for the read and any encouragement you can offer. I may try tomorrow.