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Hello, again!

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Hi, it's a long time since I've visited the forum. If you can recall, my cat was missing and still is, and in the meantime, after several trips to the local animal shelter, ("that lady's been here five times, give her an application!"), I adopted two female sibling brown tabby kittens. They're quite a handful and I've been extremely busy with them and everything else.

I'm posting their picture. (Yes, I've finally borrowed an adapter that lets me download pictures from a digital camera). Unfortunately, these are the pictures that were taken the day I picked them up at the shelter and that was about 3 weeks ago. I have more recent pics that I'll post once I buy the adapter. I kept their shelter names of Cindy (aka Cinderella, for the darker ashen, sooty kitten on the left) and Lucy (aka Katt-Lucy for the tan/cream kitten on the right). Thanks for your help and support. I'm still hoping my missing cat comes home, although, it doesn't look very promising.
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I am sorry about your missing cat

Your new kitties are SO ADORABLE THOUGH!!!
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Your Zoey is adorable!

Some other suggestions for toys are paper products. (I hope newspapers are OK, because Cindy loves getting into the newspaper pile as we recycle them and keep a batch of them in the kitchen corner). Cindy will crawl under some newspapers and hide, then Lucy will see her tail peeking out and charge after her. I'll make some newspaper tents and watch Cindy hide inside. Cindy also likes crumpled paper balls. She'll bite and wrestle with them on the floor. Lucy is quite the character for finding things, as she'll find any little crumb, piece of cereal, or object on the floor and bat it around. You have to be so careful with kittens, they're almost worst than babies! A really inexpensive toy is cutting long newspaper strips (about 3 inches wide), curling them with scissors, then dangling them in front of the kittens. They love jumping for them, grabbing and pulling on them. You have to be careful that they don't rip off some paper and ingest it.

At suppertime, after eating, both kittens have active playtime with chasing, wrestling, fur-flying fun. They're extremely active and inquisitve and have to be supervised. The other day Lucy jumped onto the table to explore some cut flowers in a vase and tore off a rose leaf. She was found batting and pouncing on the leaf, which landed on the floor.

Cindy also likes to jump in an old shoe box with tissue paper inside. Again, you have to watch that paper. The ping-pong box idea is a good one.
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What adorable little faces!!!

Will keep sending prayers that your missing cat somes home to you!
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What sweet little munchkins! They're too cute for their own good. : I'll also keep your missing kitty in mind... hope (s)he comes home soon.
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They're adorable.

I hope your missing cat comes home.
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As soon as I buy a digital camera download adapter like the one that I borrowed, I'll be able to download some more pictures to my computer. Unfortunately, the one that I borrowed couldn't be found in an Office Max store, but I'm going to try another store tomorrow.

It's really interesting to watch the kittens' behavior and to notice their different personalities. When I first brought the kittens home, I thought of Cindy, the darker tabby, as the protector or Mom cat surrogate. She would groom Lucy and initiate playtime. When Lucy was a bit under the weather from her shots and deworming medicine, Cindy would lick Lucy and paw her, as if to say, "Are you OK?" Now I notice that Cindy is more cautious than Lucy and more of an observer to Lucy's antics and playful activity.

Both kittens seem so confident now. They can easily scale wicker chairs and leap tall buildings, er, tables and countertops. Lucy leaps so gracefully from the chair to the table to the counter and back as if in one bold, speedy move.

Thanks for thinking and writing about my lost cat, too.
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One of Hissy's responses about cats giving "love" nibbles or bites reminded me of my lost cat so much that I had to post his picture.
I miss him dearly despite the fact that I have two adorable kittens. I'll never forget how I'd call him and he'd move his tail up and down excitedly while bounding towards the house for supper. I still leave the back light on for him at night, whistle and call him, and look out for him, even though it's all in vain. Here's my cat in the crabapple tree, one of his favorite scratching posts, next to our back porch.
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My cat loved to plop himself down on the kitchen floor. Here's a pic (sorry for the eye glare) of him resting under one of his favorite spots, a broken kitchen chair.

I didn't have time to look for the adapter, but will do so tomorrow. It's just so hectic right now with the above ground pool being opened. I'll have to shop at the pool store tomorrow as well I hope everyone has a nice weekend!
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I'm so sorry about your missing cat

Your two Brown Mackeral(the front ones a Mac not sure about the back) tabby kittens are gorgeous.

Sending Return Home Kitty Vibes!!

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Cindy and Lucy are brown tabbies, but they have different color tones
and both are striped/spotted. I wish I could find a picture that would do Cindy justice. You'd have to take a picture looking down at her to see the pattern and color of her fur. Cindy has a wide black stripe going down the middle of her back with black spots on both sides. She also has black spots on her tummy. Looking down at Cindy's head, however, you will see what looks like black and tan stripes and a large patch of tan fur on each side of her head.

Here's Cindy:
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Another picture of Cindy:
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In all fairness, I have to post some pics of Lucy.
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Both kittens like to weave in and out of the spindles and half wall that separate the kitchen from the family room, but here's Lucy. (I have no idea what that image is in the background!)
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One more of Lucy:
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Cindy, in a mature pose:
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