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We have a fridge monster !!!

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Hubby was away over nite a couple of days ago. And it was just us girls. In the morning ( well about 1 o'clock i don't like breakfast ) i found that a Monster had crept in to the fridge and left a message in the butter !!!.......

Incase you cant quite see it it says 'I LOVE YOU' Hubby had done it before he left so i would find it next time i used the butter !
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Awww, that is SO sweet!!!
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Aww bless him, how sweet is that! My other half often hides chocolate somewhere when he's working nights so I have something to keep me going. Think we've got a couple of good fellas!
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Cute cute cute! Yea for him. (Both of hims jupy)
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A bigthumb for Hubby as well!...
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Awww...that is SOOOO sweet!!
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that's sweet!
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Awwwww! He's definitely a keeper!!!
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awwwwwwwwwww. How sweet of DH.
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And when he got home, he could eat his words!

Very nice hubby you have.
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That made me cry! That is so, so sweet! Thank you for sharing!
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That is so sweet! Like butter
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At first I saw the missing chunk of butter and it was not smooth at the top and thought you were posting to show your cat ate some! LOL.
Because I have had my cat do that (stick of butter)
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