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Hehe, so Squirrel was posing for me the other day, and I happened to have my camera on me at the time.

He's such a fierce warrior, isn't he?
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That first picture cracks me up, and the second one is even funnier. It's like he stopped and said, "Yeah, what?" What a cutie Squirrel is.
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Oh so scary! lol

Great pictures!
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Tonsil shot! hmmmm... do cats HAVE tonsils?????
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Aww... yeah, him fierce..with those little PINK toe pads

Nice pix
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Crocodile kitty!
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"I am squirrel, hear me roar!" I love the cute paws!!!!!!
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love the first photo
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Thanks. Yeah, I get the second look whenever I interrupt his posing sessions. I never expected to get a shot of him yawning! That was priceless. Him and his girly paws.

And if cats have tonsils....I'll never get close enough to find out unless he breathes in my face like Sophie does. He has worse morning breath than me sometimes, lol.
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