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Duck wings?

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I did some shopping yesterday for the cats and finally bought the duck wings I've been wanting to buy since the boys were on raw in the spring.

However I can't find any info on the bone ratio of them. Should I figure similar to chicken wings?

I'm going to spend a few hours today making their meals, I found some awesome deals on meat this week. My resources here just astound me.

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Lucky you! The only non-standard meat I can get my hands on is quail, and it's nearly $1 an ounce.
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I can get the duck wings at 1.19/lb which isn't bad.

I picked up 20 lbs of pork this week for just under $20--western style ribs not boneless, but in the one pack I've cut up (nearly 8lbs) I've only found one small bit of bone.

Also split chicken breasts with ribs were 1.49/lb as well as thighs being .98/lb

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tell us how the duck wing goes ... here I can order them ... for now it is beef , buffalo , chicken and lots of venison soon
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