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It's agreed: a new thread will need to be started, and clearly marked "Spoiler Alert". The first post should warn people not to read further in the thread unless they want to find out what happens in the book.

Can't wait...I am tempted to go buy one at midnight, even though I preordered!
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I GOT IT I GOT IT I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I hate you

just kidding, of course! Mine will be here sometime Saturday when the mail arrives...
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Mine got here, as promised in the mail. Bless you, amazon.com. I have chapter one done, and I am off to indulge myself. The only bad thing....the more I read, the sooner it's over!

See you all over in the Spoiler thread!
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Mine was waiting, when I got home from work!!!!! Bill is cooking dinner and I am outa HERE!!!!
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I guess not many people will be around here now coz they will be reading the book. Harry Potter has been out here for 2-3 days and I really want it BUT I have told myself when you have finished all your homework you can buy it YAY!, I have read all 4 books and watched both movies and my cat's even called Skiffie DUMBLEDORE [-call name- Boy], I wasn't going to read this thread because I thought it would spoil the book but Now I know there's going to be a seperate thread so I can keep reading here.

Happy reading guys! and I can't wait until I buy my book!

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I'm waiting to borrow Jamie's copy when she's done with it. I borrowed the first four from her, so I figured I'd wait to buy the 5th once I actually get around to buying the others. So now I just have to wait patiently as she just got her copy today. HURRY JAMIE! Then I'll see you guys in the spoilers thread.
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luv those paws right?

Is she realated to you Jenn?

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Right, Luv Those Paws.

And no, we're not related. We met years back in college, and we tend to hang out together often. We also live only 0.7 miles from each other.
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0.7 miles, Boy does that sound close

Sorry, If it seemed I was interfering!

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You weren't interfering at all. I think Debby posted awhile back asking if we were related too. It must be because we post about each other on occasion, and people know we know each other irl.

Speaking of relatives, I do have one on the site though. Jillian (that's her username as well as her real name) is my little sister. (Who made me paint her apartment today, so I'm not posting a smiley face about her. )
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Thanks for that. Boy! Are we communicating on a number of threads tonight .

Oh Yes, I remember welcoming Jillian
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Yup, I'm hopping all over the place tonight. Bed calls soon though...
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Heeeheeee Good to see you are offline getting some well deserved rest.

I'm picking the new HP book up tomorrow or Tuesday! o boy I can't wait!

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I've apparently gotten ahold of the UK version somehow. Not that big of a deal, but what in the world is "taking the mickey"?

as in "Are you taking the mickey?" or "They haven't stopped taking the mickey out of me since ..."
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Taking the Mickey means taking the pi*s out of some body!

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Ahhh, that's kinda like beating the tar out of them? Funny how expressions can be so different
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You got it
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I just brought the book 10 minutes ago. I'm going to spend 1/2 an hour or so on TCS and then do some homework and then have tea and then watch my fave program and Then settle down for an hour or two of HARRY POTTER !!!!!! Go Harry !!!!!!!!


Mine was 28.45$$$ How much was everyone elses?
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I paid about 17.35, which, according to my currency converter, is $29.65 in New Zealand Dollars.
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I paid $29.95 for my copy. In Australian dollars of course...so I think I'm on par with you WellingtonCats.
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Oh, BTW, here's the address for the currency converter I use...

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Yes, Mags I think we are. All prices seem pretty close though. I know at one store over here it was on sale for $27NZ and at another $35NZ

oooooh Thanks I bookmarked that currency converter site
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BTW I'm up to my 200th page of Harry Potter
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
BTW I'm up to my 200th page of Harry Potter
Keep going, in the American version you'd have only 670 pages to go...
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766 pages in the version I'm reading

I'm doing my homework and posting here at the moment so no time to read, Will read at college
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I am just over 400 pages - I got it yesterday afternoon. Let's just say I wanted to call in sick today!
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LOL Ady! I got mine yesterday and read 200 pages at 2 hours. Pretty good. It's really enjoyable!

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I haven't had long to read it. I had household chores yesterday and everytime I picked up the book, hubby started talking to me to irritate me. He kept asking if I found out who was killed of yet. He knows (it was in the paper) and he keeps threatening to tell me. I told him that would not be a wise move, as I would start plucking out his chest hair 1 by 1!
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I'm on pg. 747. Not long before I can join the Spoiler thread!
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