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Daily Whatcha Doin' Thread: Sat. Aug. 29

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I can't believe Sept. is almost here. This summer has gone by so very fast But at least it has been a good one for the most part.

We have to take both my daughters to a walk in clinic

Then pick up Mark's van from the garage...

that bout it for the "have to's" for today...

I'm enjoying spending time with the kitties, and my snakes need to be tended to today as well.

Have a good Sat.
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I had a very long work week this past week, but I'm also about 3 weeks behind doing any major cleaning around the house. I've got some desperate house cleaning to do and all I really want to do is catch up on sleep. DH has pager duty this weekend, and is expecting to work about 36 hours in the next 2 days, so he's not going to be able to do his normal chores.

But I got 2 loads of laundry done last night along with some straightening up. I have to get to the bank, post office and grocery store sometime today. And I need to buy new blinds for the bathroom window - the old one broke 3 weeks ago and since that window faces the street, it's sort of really important to have privacy in the bathroom.

But I think I'll procrastinate and stay online for just a bit longer.
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I am going to my friend's baby shower this afternoon and then I am invited to another friend's party.I am not sure if I am going to the party yet.

I am feeling kinda lazy though and not really in the mood to go get ready...but I know I have to eventually!

It is sunny here,but chilly with a strong wind.
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Morning All!!

Cool and rainy here today and I agree with Chris it's hard to believe it's almost Sept already.

A little on the weary side today, we had a wicked thunderstorm that began at 2 A.M. and blew out one of the power transformers down the street from my house. They finally got it fixed and the power back on about 8:30 this morning but it made for a pretty noisy night with the work crews replacing it.

Nothing special planned for today, just threw a load of laundry in so I guess I will work away at that and tidy my house up a bit.

This kitties are all napping, they didn't have a good night they were not impressed with all the ruckus and noise.

Everyone have a great day
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Cool and rainy here too - we had a bit of a storm last night that Cotton and I apparently slept right through

The September thing just freaks me out - It makes me wonder what happenned to my year.

I'm just kicking back today, maybe I'll do a bit of work sorting the spare rom, but maybe not.

I have a friends's birthday party tonght, but other then that it's just a kick-back-at-home weekend.

hope everyone had a good day.
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