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Hi guys, love the site! I'm in the process of adopting two little kittens at the Humane Society here(both are 4 months old)Just wanted some advice. Should I have to get 2 Litterboxes? 2 Food Bowls? Etc...or is one of each going to be good. Any other advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Typically you should have at least one litter box per cat. I don't but then again I have 9 cats lol so I just have one box in each room and clean them often. For the food bowls, I have a set of large self-feeding bowls (the kind usually used for dogs) in the main part of the house and a smaller set in each of the 2 bedrooms because sometimes the cats get shut in at night. I don't think they would have a problem sharing their bowls, but make sure you keep a set in any room they might get shut in when you aren't home or sleeping. However, should you choose not to keep food available around the clock and instead decide to feed them on a schedule, I would definitely get a bowl for each because they are more likely to compete for their food if there is only a limited supply. I have to do this when I treat mine to wet food. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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I have 3 cats, one litter pan - but then, I'm always cleaning it out - you'll probably be better off - if you don't clean the litter often - to have two

I did have two - the other one finally gave out, just haven't replaced it

bowls - at first they may eat together if the bowl is large enough - if they stop eating together (when you have one bowl) then you'll see which cat is the alpha cat - he/she will get to eat first

I prefer to have a dish for each cat
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You should have one more litter box than cats, so 3 boxes would be your best route. If you can't do 3, then 2 is the least you should have. However, with young ones like you're adopting, you might find you need several as they are like small children. When they have to go, they have to go NOW! When we first adopted Hannah at 7 mos, we used disposable aluminum cake pans and placed them throughout the house. As she got older and could hold it to make it to the box, then we gradually got rid of the aluminum pans. Just be sure to scoop daily and don't use a clumping type litter with little ones. You want to use clay.

I like to have food bowls for each cat. That way, you can monitor feeding to make sure they're each eating appropriately and one's not hogging all the food. Make sure you're using either stainless steel or ceramic to prevent acne.

For water dishes, I like to have several throughout the house in different kinds of bowls. I have oversize coffee mugs on the counter in one bathroom, a water fountain in the den, and a nice size bowl in the spare bedroom.
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Welcome! At least two litter boxes yes.
What are you going to feed the kitties, what are their names? Colors?
Can't wait to hear more about them
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Originally Posted by cococat View Post
Welcome! At least two litter boxes yes.
What are you going to feed the kitties, what are their names? Colors?
Can't wait to hear more about them
Thanks for the advice everyone. I'm going with two Litterboxes. As for food? That's another thing I'll have to read up about. How much/what to feed them? Any advice?
As per names...we are picking them up Wednesday. Their 2 males we've named Marty and Sid. Heres their pics at the Humane Society..and their 2 months old, not 4.

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Oops, that was Marty,,,heres Sid..

Cannot wait to get them home! As I said, I have lots of reading to do on how to take care of my babies
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