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The art of camouflage

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Do your pets hide in plain sight? I've noticed that my pets seem to chose places to sleep that match their coat color. SunLee, who is cream with biege points, prefers the counter with the ivory tile/biege grout. ZoZo, a dark seal point, lies on a throw with a pattern of brown and beige. Bruiser, a dark tabby, likes the black end table. Casey, my black dog chooses a shadowy place in the yard with dark foliage. Tucker, my white and black dog doesn't care, he goes under a blanket. Even when the cats are together on the sofa, they position themselves near a pillow, blanket or whatever is most similar to their color.
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We used to have a red tabby who was a "blender". Speck will sometimes hide with his butt sticking out from under the dresser, but I think he considers himself a blender as well.
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I can't tell you how many times I've done a nose count before leaving for work and can't find at least one of the kitties. I'll look all over the house two or three times, checking all the known hiding places. In the end I'll find her sleeping in the living room on a chair or cushion that that is a perfect camouflage.
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I have a black cat that likes to climb in laundry baskets. Whenever I go to fold the laundry I'll carry the baskets into the living room and fold everything while watching tv. The baskets will be in front of me and I'll only look away for a second, but it's always just enough time for Siri to slip into the basket full of dark clothes. I won't realize she's there till I see her gold eyes staring up at me.
It's too bad pictures ruin the effect. Under the lamp light she can barely be seen in the clothes.
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