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I donated blood today!

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It was my first time and everyone was really nice (with one exception)
It took a while to read all the info, then the nurse (or whatever she was) had to ask me 1000 questions, take a little blood to make sure I wasnt anemic and ask 1000 more questions. She was really nice though and made me totally comfortable. It did sting a little when she put the needle in but it went away quickly (and she got my vein on the first stick) and I filled up the pint bag in 5 minutes and 46 seconds (she estimated it would take 5.5 minutes). I didnt get dizy or anything, the only downside was that the girl that was supposed to be timing my 15 minutes until I could leave just left and nobody knew how much longer I had (I didnt look at the clock, I figured that was her job, that's why she was sitting at that table!)
There was also this big thing on the radio about how they're short on blood so they were giving some boat ride tickets away to everyone that donates. I sort of expected one, or a t shirt or something but all I got was a sticker Not a big deal, but the other people got stuff so it just made me a little curious.
Anyhow, looking forward to getting my blood donor card in the mail in 4-6 weeks. (just wanted to share)
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what a gently gesture yours my friend...
I know it will be appreciate for the final donor my friend...
the 1000 questions seems at the "Spotlight" my friend?....
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Good for you!

Things go a little faster once you have the card because they don't have to enter your personal info from scratch. I know what you mean about the questions. I've been to Europe twice in the past 2 years, so that brings out about 25 more questions related to Mad Cow disease. As for the 15 minutes, I always donate at work and nobody ever seems to pay any attention to that. When I'm done, I usually get up, grab a brownie or something, and walk the quarter mile back to my office.
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Kudos to you!! It wasn't as bad as you first thought, was it? The first time I gave blood I was terrified and was more lightheaded BEFORE they stuck me that after they drained me. I try to give as often as I can but I've really slacked off lately. And I love the free juice and cookies afterwards!
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