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Prayers needed urgently

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Could you please remember one of my coworkers in your prayers? Her name is Alexis and she was hit by a drunk driver in her cab Tuesday night. She may not live. She is a very troubled young woman, and if she makes it I am afraid this will send her right over the edge of what she can take mentally. Thanks. I think a little TCS magic can help.
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Oh no!.. Poor Alexis...
Stupid Drunk!...

for her!..
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Payers for her.
Do you want Pastor John to pray for her?
He lives in North Carolina.
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Oh no!!
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I hope she makes it through.
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mews2much, that would be wonderful if Pastor John would pray for her. She is in the hospital in Greeneville, NC. She was airlifted from Jacksonville. I have been trying to get an update on her condition, but have not been able to reach anyone.
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I just send what you wrote to Pasto John.
He is my friend and lives in Rosboro.North Carolina
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I hope she makes it through.
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Prayed for Alexis - this is so sad.
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TCS Magic on the way
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For Alexis for the drunk driver
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I will pray for her.
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Many prayers and going out to her. How tragic.
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Many and thoughts for her.
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Many, many prayers for her. &
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Many many for Alexis.
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Many many prayers and thoughts for her!!! I hope she makes it through!
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Sending more TCS and for Alexis.
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Tons of prayers and vibes coming her way.

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Sending lots of prayers and for Alexis.
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I have an update. It is worse than we thought. She was hit on the front corner driver's side, and overcorrected, rolled 7 times into a pond. The people that hit her left her there to die. She managed to get herself out of the car which was upside down in the water, drag a 52 lb battery charger with her for light, and get herself to the nearest house a mile away before she collapsed. Her doctor says that should have been impossible, because the jury is still out as to whether she will be paralyzed from the waist down. Because the cab rolled side to side, the airbags never deployed, and the top of the cab crushed down on her, almost scalping her. It ruined her pretty face. She had emergency surgery last night when she lost complete feeling, and they fixed one crushed vertebrae. The good news is, she is out of intensive care and no longer requires life support for the time being. That could change. She is a big, strong girl, and that is the only thing that saved her life. A smaller, more fragile person would have not survived.
I am just sick about this child. Did I mention that she is only 19?
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I wrote Pastor John for you.
Would you like me to pm his info so you can email him or talk to him?
I hope who ever cause this rots in jail.
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Only 19!!!!!!!!!

Renewed and on their way!
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That would be great! Thanks. This poor child needs all the prayers she can get.
She had been asking for me this morning, so I spoke briefly with her. She was not in her right mind of course, but seemed so comforted when I told her how many people were concerned for her and praying for her. It means so much. I told her boyfriend/car owner about it, and he cried. He is just broken up over this, but is doing very well at staying strong for her sake.
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I am going to send you the info now.
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and prayers coming from Texas to her!
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More prayers and for everyone affected by this horrible accident...
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What a horrible thing to have happen. Have they got the person who did this and just left? I hope so. I am adding my prayers for her
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No, they have not found the responsible person. They are looking for a blue car with yellow paint on the bumper. It should be very obvious, our cab company uses the brightest yellow I have ever seen.
I tried to call her today, but her doctor was with her at the time, so I don't know what her current condition is. Her mother does not know me and is reluctant to share info when I call.
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Hi only just dropped in for a quick visit and saw this, and had to add to it.

I am adding my prayers and good thoughts to your workmate and hope that she recovers well.

There is a special Karma that will come to the person responsible for this crime - it may take time but it will come back to hit (haunt) him/her at some point in the future. This person behaviour was so totally wrong.
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