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kittens taking their time

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This is so hard, my first pregnant queen was due yesterday....... and nothing.

It's so hard waiting for them, i'm constantly checking her backside, sleeping with lights on all night, literally staring at her almost constantly waiting fo something.
I know that the moment i have to go out or something it'll happen.... typical huh
It's just soooo hard waiting, plus i'm quite anxious bout the birth itself, hope all the babies are alright
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Best of luck! What's the mom-to-be's name?
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Heh, Sandie ussualy starts sleeping next to them in their queening box with an alarm clock so every hour she can check on em. we haven't missed one yet!
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Her name is Grace, she's a blue cream colour point persian, this is her second litter and her first went fine. She is my first breeding cat though which is why i'm so nervous.
Will try and post a pic of her on here, i have pics but am not too good with computers so don't know how to post them on the threads
She's just so calm and takes everything in her stride, me on the ohter hand am an impateint nervous wreck!!
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Welcome to the wonderful world of breeding! I KNOW it's more stressful on me than mom. I follow them around and stare at them while they are sleeping. When they are close or past the due date, it's nerve wracking!
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It is so nearve wracking, try to be as calm as possible as she may pick up on your stress and it will delay her even more.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing photos of her little ones.
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still no babies, but she has been interested in the box i gave her, woke to find her shredding up paper in it, so am hoping it's sooner rather than later
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well got sick of waiting so took her to the vet to make sure everything was ok.
Vet felt her and reckons theres only one baby!!! Must be one big baby she said there may be another hidden also, i wondered how much an ultrasound was so asked.... £300. POUNDS!!! well thought i'd leave that for now unless there were problems later on. She took her temp and it's normal so doesn't look like anything will happen too soon
one good thing.... i'll hopefully be getting a more restful night
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Well still no kittens.... i phoned up the breeder who did the mating to see what he thought bout it and he said that Grace had "lived" with her boyfriend for a week.
Isn't a week too long?

Anyways that week started from the 12th april, i assumed that if she had mated on the first day ie 12th april then her babies were due on June 16th ie last monday.
I am getting a little more on the nervous side than excited now to be honest.

Wish me luck
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*luck* vibes coming from a dedicated Persian breeder in NZ.

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good luck!! I think i might get the ultra sound. Even thought it is expensive at least then you would know what is going on. If there is only one very large baby she may need a c-section.
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still no kittens am very worried now. But am confused on what to do, i have spoken to some breeders who say if the cat doesn't seem stressed then i should leave her, she may even be reabsorbing.
Is it possible to reabsorb at this stage of pregnancy??
Please advise as am getting quite anxious and poor Grace just looks at me with her big blue eyes questiongly, wondering why i keep staring and fussing over her.
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An xray is even a good way to find out how many she has. Maybe the vet can do an xray instead of an ultrasound. Can you feel or see any babies moving? If not, then I would really get her to the vet for an exam.
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well i have spoken to the breeder that i got her off. Turns out she may not have taken with the original boy she was with (he was a blue self) so that means that she may have mated with either a lilac tabby point or a white self.
Should be interesting to see what colours the kittens are and finally work out who the real dad is
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still no kittens
If she doesn't have them within the next four days there is a problem. Not having much kitty luck lately
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When was she due?
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she was due on June 16th. What happened was i got her on May 1st and the breeder i got her from told me she was 3 weeks pregnant,mated on april 12th. He thought she was pregnant as she had begun to pink up.
However by June 19th there were still no babies so we took her to the vet to check that she was even pregnant in the first place. Vet felt her and said she was definately pregnant, but it didn't look like she was going to give birth any time soon. She said not to worry and only take her in if she showed any signs of stress.
As time went on i got worried further and rung the breeder i got her from. He thinks what might have happened was that she didn't concieve with the boy she was put with, but has gotten pregnant by one of the other boys who roam his house. ie. when he thought she was pinking up due to pregnancy, it actually was happening because she was going into heat again.
So while he thought she was already preggers, she was getting it on with one of the other guys!!! Anyways ,she is sitting in her birthing box alot more now and the kittens are moving very visibly in her stomach, so i'm hoping birth is soon.
The father will be determined by what colour the kittens are, not ideal i know.
Grace, the cat seems fine though she's playing eating, everything is normal, it's me who's stressed!
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I'm no expert but I think cats can have a litter by more then one father, so it is possible that BOTH boys that wondered the house got her pregant.
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