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Should I Get Him A Playmate?

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I have the opportunity for a second cat. Jessie is one year old, he's been living with me for a year without any contact with other cats. I want to get him a playmate, a friend, and maybe another companion cat for me, since I live alone with my cat. I think my, cat would be less bored, and a second kitty would bring more fun to my house.

I know what it takes to be a cat owner. My cat is insured, and he's neutered and I make sure he has enough food to last the whole month, his litter is cared for, etc. And its been one year since I adopted him. Am I ready for kitty #2?

So tempting. I want to make the right decision for me and for my cat, because he hasn't been living with other cats for a year now and both these cats have their claws, they could do eachother damage if they don't end up getting along.
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If your cat is generally not to high-strung, I'd say get the new kitty, clip both their claws, and follow the slow introduction instructions found here on this forum.
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I second MrBlanche's advice... For me, the best thing I did was to get a play mate for my girl... then another one
There is a cat/cat relationship that we humans can not provide... and yes, it is quite fun to watch!!!
My three get along super well, and the adjusting period was vary very short...
Good luck!!
Oh, the only thing I advise is to get a laid back kitty
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I agree with both of them.
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I would suggest also getting a cat who is about the same age or a little older than the one you already have. Some people also recommend getting the opposite gender, but I've never had any problems introducing same more cats of the same gender.
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This is great! I am going through the same thing. We got my kitty, Shadow when he was about 1 month old. He has been an indoors cat since -- without contact with other cats. We have went to Petco where he saw other cats, but looked at them and turned his face as if they were just inanimate objects! He doesn't seem to recognize other cats. Anyway, my daughter moved on to college, and he misses her. I play with him as much as I can, but have to move on to paperwork and other house-related stuff. He comes to sit with me.. and he sleeps with me.. and I rub him and give him lots of affection, playing and rough-housing with him for about 5 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes a day, or through the day at intervals, but that doesn't seem to be enough.. He is starting to show signs of being depressed. Tonight, he went behind the door to sleep.. and doesn't respond when I call him.. So I know it's time to get another cat.. I will be taking him outside to ride with me in the car to provide a change in scenery, and maybe walk him outside (with a body leash so that he can't run away -- if he is so inclined :-)) just to let him get out of the house sometimes until I find a playmate for him. I don't feel alone now -- was really getting worried. Thanks everyone for sharing!
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