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Well...i think i'm finally moving back to mom's house and the bad thing is mom doesn't want any of the cats in her place! Now I have a place that'll watch my babies for free until I can find something of my own, but I'm so terrified that....they won't remember me .

I'm heartbroken just the thought of what could happen.

What do I do?

How do I do this?

Will they be okay??

Are they going to forget me?!

I'm not sure how long it'll be ....but...please help.
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What is her objection to the cats?

The best you can probably hope for is a good friend taking them in, otherwise you might have to give them up if you think it's going to be a really long time & you can't convince your mother otherwise .

Lets hope it doesn't come to that.
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They will remember you.
I had to leave my cats at my dads for 2 years because the place we lived in would not allow pets.
That was from 1999-2002.
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How many cats have you got? If I was a lady who didnt paticuly like cats and had my daughter moving back in with me wanting to bring five with her I'd fel a bit!! EEEK!!!

Speak to your mum, try to come to some sort of compromise. Ask if you can maybe keep one or two with you. Explain how you'll care for them and not leave her scooping the cat litter!!

Sadly not every one can see and understand the attachment to felines that cat owners can.

I wish you the best of luck !!
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Mom doesn't want the hair all over the place. If anything I think she'd be okay with Jellow, but I need them all. I got 4.

I'm terrified that they won't know who I am. And my friend that is willing to care for them runs a cat shelter, and they'd be staying there.

But the bad thing is when I take Jellow or Khi or Lil (marco hasn't been there yet!) to visit mom (she lives down the street), ten mins later they start freakin out cuz they miss the others.

I don't wanna seperate them, but I'm broken with the thought of this.

I don tknow what ta do.

thanks for all the good luck wishes!
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OH MY!! That's really upsetting, I'm sorry I'm not sure what to tell you. How long do you think it will be before you have a place of your own? Hopefully you can think positive and get a place SOON; If your cats have a safe place to stay, I'd go for it and then plan to get out of Mom's ASAP. Won't she budge at all? Good luck!
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It's nice that you've got such a good friend willing to take them in! That sounds like a great solution, why don't you leave everyone together at the shelter and go visit them as much as possible?

It will also give you great motivation to get out on your own, you may only be looking for a place for a week or two .

I don't really understand why your mom would let your cats visit but not stay! Maybe she just needs to be around them a little more so she'll come around to the feline way!

I have to say DH's parents are about the most non-cat people I have ever met! I have actually seen his mom JUMP away from Miss Kitty, possibly the sweetest & cutest cat on the face of the earth! Well last time they were up they actually both warmed to Peaches a little (as in his mom let her sit on the couch with us!). His dad even said she was a "cool cat" I guess it just took the right kitty!
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Will your mom compromise and let you keep your cats confined to your bedroom? That way there would not be any hair anywhere but your room. You could brush them often and keep down any stray hairs.

Your cats will likely NOT be able to stay together at the cat shelter your friend runs. It will be hard for her to do that unless she has large kennels that will accommodate four cats.

I would try to work something out with mom if at all possible. Offer to help her clean or anything that might make her feel better. Especially tell her how much they mean to you. Prayers for you and your babies.
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Here is the thing: What is it going to take for you to get your own place? That is the only thing that would be my concern.... With the economy the way it is.... if you depending finding a job, making more money ,etc in order to get a place of your own, keep in mind that this can take a long time, and your cats' situation can turn from foster to permanent...
So unless you have a clear plan in mind, try to do your very best to negotiate a compromise with your mom, like confining the kitties to your room...
Good luck!
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