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I'm not sure exactly what time Joker is to cross over the bridge, but is with a very heavy heart that we made the decision to end his suffering.

Joker, you were only with us a short time but you touched us all. You were such a mess when we got you. It looked good for you to recover, but it just was not to be. I am so sorry we couldn't do more for you. Please understand we loved you and just wanted your pain to end. I'm sorry you had such a bad life, I wish I could have made it better for you. Now run free over the bridge & find all the other shelter kitties that have passed. They will show you the way.
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I'm so sorry to read this. At least he had the chance to know some love and care in his time with you. You're an angel to have given him that.

R.I.P Joker. Play happily over the bridge.
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This is the sort of decision that keeps our shelter workers awake at night. I don't have any say in it, so I don't try to find out what becomes of most of the cats that are adoptable.

Adoptions are way down, this month.
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RIP Joker
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I´m really so sorry for you lost...
RIP sweet Joker...,.......
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You gave him love while you could and gave him a painless end. Better than he would have had without you. Bye Joker, there's no more sickness where you are, play and make up for all you didn't have in this world.
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I'm so sorry. Rest in Peace Joker.
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Play happily at the bridge JOKER

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RIP, Joker.
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I am sorry for the decision you had to make . It's always so difficult .

RIP Joker kitty
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Thank you all. We are a No-Kill shelter so when we make this decision it is always with the guidance of a veterinarian. He had a wonderful vet in the end. The vet called & expressed his condolences stating he knew that we were in the business of saving cats. He said he was sorry that there was not more that could be done. It makes me feel better knowing he was in caring hands at the end of his long hard journey.
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God bless you sweet Joker.
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