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So Berlin prefers Purina Luv treats to ANY other brand of treats,including Temptations by Whiskas,which all cats supposedly are supposed to love.
Well I decided to email Purina and just let them know that my cat prefers Luv treats over others.

As a thank you,they sent me a bunch of coupons for $1 off Luv treats! Luv treats are about $1.49 here,so I basically get them for .50 now!!
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My babies love party mix by purina!!!
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Thats a treat I never tried yet.
My mom's cats love that though!
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My furbabies love the wellness pure delights. They would also love the purina treats but Trouble has allergies to dyes,grains and we are not quite sure what else yet! They used to love the Whiskas Temptations too.
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I use the Whiskas crunchy and moist ones and then I think its Ocean Delights moist and I forget who makes them but I found CatNip flavored treats and Fatman went bananas for them!! He loves cat nip out of the three hes the only one who does anything for CatNip
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