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Got great news on Wed!!!!

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Sooooooo I lost my license last year and has been eligible to get it back since May 25th of this year! Ive been patiently waiting waiting waiting to hear from PennDot!!! So I got a wild hair and decided to go ahead and give them a call and find out what the hold up was! Turns out my treatment facility NEVER sent probation my completion paper work so that was missing and then I was missing a form stating that at this time I dont have a vehicle registered in my name. So I got the second form mailed out right away and they should have it this afternoon and get it processed by next week and then I called probation and the women who are in charge of getting out paperwork out and that was done and completed but of course PennDot has 10-14 days to process it so by next Friday at the latest everything should be done and completed! So HURRAY IM GETTING MY LICENSE BACK FINALLY!!!!!! I got BF working on my car because it needs the hood and bumper repainted the exhaust fixed (done) and a section of the passenger side refiberstranded to pass inspection! As of today we are going to wait to paint it when its not raining because he doesnt have room to keep it in the garage because of the other work he is doing and Im not going to get it painted really nice till after winter Id be happy right now with a can of spray paint for it! LOL...And his dad is going to inspect it for me and then we are going to get it registered after I have my license in my hand! Also I had to do a little research for insurance because I was worried it was going to cost me an arm and a leg and thankfully for SafeAuto.com I found out its only going to be about 80 bucks a month! THANK HEAVENS! I was worried I would have to pick up more hours at work and Im already working overtime to my managers dismay! But hurray!! Im going to be driving soon no more ride begging or having to figure out what Im going to do if we are low on milk food and stuff!!! Im just so excited!!
Much love to you all!!
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Yay! Being without a license is such a drag. I am thrilled for you.
My DH did not have a license for the first 7 years we were together and it was a huge pain in the butt.
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congrats my friend!..
I hope all going to be fine and you can obtein it!...
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Lets just all cross fingers and toes please...I wont even buy insurance for fear of it jinxing my chances of this not having any issues.....Ughh Im so excited and nervous somethings going to go wrong!!! Every time I want something to go my way it gets all discombobulated!!!! So fingers and toes TCSer's..........I wish the kitties could cross their toes too...but I think Hercules has figured out if I get my license back I can take him myself to his neutering appt!! LMAO!!! He is probably sending out bad vibes after his bath yesterday...He still hasnt come over for a good head rubbing..But he smells soooo pretty! lol
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