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Long Bicycle Ride

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These two gentlemen (brothers) bicycled from Mexico to Canada 53 years ago and stayed. There is a film being made of their journey.


I hope I copied that link OK - I cannot hear it here at work.
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One of the girls I work with just finished a 1,000 mile bike tour. It was Cycle of Hope for Habitat for Humanity. It took them 2 weeks.
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I clicked on the link and it downloaded something but it's in code.
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sounds very impresionant my friend!...
About the link I just only listen it the voices...
Should I see something my friend?...
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It seems I'm not very good at this linking business but basically 2 brothers from Mexico started out with $100 and bicycled from Mexico to Canada. It took them 80 days. They ran out of money in Chicago, other Mexican folks took up a collection for them and got them just over $500. They continued to Canada, ended up going to university here, met and married Canadian women and had families. One of the gentlemen has a daughter who is a Canadian recording artist and after reading her dad's diary urged him to bring it into the public and there is going to be a film to recreate it.

I thought it was pretty amazing. It was on CBC radio this morning so I'll try to go re-link.
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Sounds cool! The link took me to a story about Facebook, which was interesting too.

ETA: I just saw the Mexico to Canada story at the bottom.
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