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New cat Lover

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It is time to be introduced. I have been reading, posting and learning from everyone for a few months. I hope I don't bore you. We got out first family cat in June of 2002 and named him BK (Bad Kitty) He looks to be part Maine Coon. He does not meow, does not like to be held, but loves to be in the same room with you and play chase through the house and paw at you when you walk by. He tries to fit into everything even a shoe box that is 3 times too small (he weighs 14 lbs)and he does not like the doors in the house to be closed, if they are he opens them.
In Feb a female feral cat come to visit and of course I fed and took care of her, outside. She had 4 kittens in April. We found homes for 2 and kept 2. They went to the vet yesterday, I gave them flea baths and they are now inside kittys. While the mother cat was taking care of her babies in our garage a black male cat started hanging around and of course I feed him and told him that as soon as these babies are gone the two of you are getting fixed and that should be in the next two weeks. My next task is how to put them in a pet carrier. I have been read the forums on the feral cats and it has been a lot of help.
Sorry to be so winded but love all these cats and love to just sit and watch them. By doing this, watching a feral mother cat take care of her babies is very interesting. I have watched her train them on covering their poop (one kitten did not cover the poop and she was watching and went to the litter box and covered it!), after they eat they see their mother cleaning herself and it is funny to see them start doing the same. They are so cute.
So right now we have 3 inside kittys and 2 outside feral kittys and love them all.
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Welcome, Clara! Glad you're here!

Be sure to post photos of your cats, if you can. We love seeing one another's furbabies!
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Welcome to the site Clara! I'm glad you found us here, and I'm very glad that you've found helpful information. Ferals truly are amazing creatures, aren't they?
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Hi and welcome! Glad to have you aboard! I agree, pictures would be awesome!

Tammie & Peaches
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Welcome to the board Clara. Hope you enjoy your time here.
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Hi there Welcome to the boards!! Have a wonderful time here everyones great here!
Greetings from Simba's Mom!
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