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Daily Thread TGIF August 28th

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Morning folks!

I had a terrible day yesterday. I am glad today is here so I can make up for it. My poor coworkers must have wondered wth yesterday because I didn't say anything and I didn't even eat lunch until 4pm.

I am glad its Friday. DH has been so busy with school and he has a wack of stuff to read this weekend. We also have to put up our pictures and mirrors and curtains this weekend.

Its only going to be 20 degrees today

Have a good one folks!
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I am ready for bed. DS was up way to early today and is very chatty.
DH and I are supposed to attend a wedding tonight. I have a feeling we won't be going.

It's wet and cool out today. So much for our walk
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I'll be leaving the office in just over an hour. It's a public holiday here in the UK on monday, so a long weekend for us .

Retail therapy tomorrow, then my great niece Millie has her 2nd birthday party on sunday, after that it's chilling with the babies until i go out on tuesday for dinner with friends
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It's supposed to be wet and rainy all day today. That shouldn't really affect me much though because I'll be indoors in my office all day. I suspect I'll be scribbling equations on the dry erase board all day. I've actually already solved them and gotten the answers, but I have to include the formal equations in the report I'm working on and they need to be consistent rather than the chicken scratch that I have in my logbook. I'll probably take off around 5 PM, then head over to the gym. Since it's Friday, I'll take my time, then head home for dinner and a quiet night at home with the kitties.
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I'm just impatiently waiting to get out of work and home to see my new appliances. I'm so excited I'll probably cook and do laundry all weekend.
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Morning All!!!

Cloudy and cool here today.

Nothing to special planned for the day, do have a little grocery shopping to do after lunch and maybe a trip to the video store.

The kitties are good this morning, woke me up very early tearing around the house like banshees. However they all then laid down with me and we napped for another hour or so.

Everyone have a good day
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Good morning everyone!! i am exhausted! i have class until 11 then barn, then back at school from 3-4 then work from 5:30-12am! then start all over tomorrow, with work for 8 hours. i might not make it! have a good day everyone!
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I have to go back to work today. I have been off sick since Monday. I'm really not looking forward to it as I still have a sore throat and am very tired. I work 1-9:30 today.
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Cool and damp here.

I'm back home now, glad to be'll be nice to sleep in my own bed.

The shirts I bought Kendra, she actually liked and I'm so impressed with her. I tidied a bit before me and Kayleigh left, then Kendra got home yesterday and she cleaned up the rest of the house and we got home this morning... She never ceases to amaze me

Life is back to the usual now.
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Happy Friday!

It will be a happy one once work is done with anyway. BF has to lay off 3 people today and he's been agonizing over it all week.

Me, I'm still by myself in the office til after labor day. Not much work to do which makes for a long day. We had the alarm system replaced yesterday which took ALL day and I had to stay at the office an hour late, plus no lunch break. So I decided I'm leaving early today. I emailed my boss and he said that's fine, I'm in charge. However, it's looking like the 'finishing up' and testing the guy had to come back to do today is lasting a lot longer than planned, so even though it's not even 11:00 yet I'm worried I'll be stuck here late again. If that happens I'll take a half day off next week sometime.

In other news, it's already 87 and supposed to go up to 95. I hope I can take a lunch break today, but if not (like yesterday) I already closed curtains and blinds to block the afternoon sun before i left this morning. So while it'll be hot at home, it won't be quite so oven-ish like it was yesterday.

Enjoy your Fridays everyone!
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