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If your cats don't use Drinkwell, please read this...

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I know it sounds weird, but my cats are scared of the Drinkwell. So, I sent an email to Veterinary Ventures, the company who makes Drinkwell, regarding my concern. And, surprise, surprise, I actually got a reply from the company!!!! Just thought someone else might find this message helpful, so I would like to share what the company wrote to me. Below is the message:

Hi Jean,

Thank you for writing us. If your felines are that frightened by the unit, then there may not be anything you can do to change their minds. However, I can suggest a few tips that might help.

Don't plug the fountain in, and use it as a regular dish for about a week until the cats get used to it.
Take all other sources of water away from them.
Try placing the fountain in the same location as their old water dish.
Place a few ice cubes in the bowl. Just like us, cats like cold water.
Try coaxing the cats by placing treats on the edge of the bowl. Once they see that the bowl will not hurt them, then they will not be so frightened by it.
When you do finally plug the fountain in, place a mat or towel underneath the unit. This will quiet the fountain vibration a bit. Leave the flow control knob at the lowest setting (all the way to the left) so that the water is a soft trickle.

We understand that all cats are different, and some might not appreciate the Drinkwell, therefore, most of our retailers offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Make sure to try all the tips before your 30 days are up.

I hope this helps, please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Michelle Mick
I got my Drinkwell off eBay....no 30 days money back guarantee...So, hopefully my cats will eventually drink from it, otherwise, I will have to drink from the well myself!!!
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That is awesome that you got a reply, and so fast!

Best of luck, hope they decide to give it another chance...
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What does this Drinkwell thing look like and do? Do you have something I can see picture of? I have 4 animals and I sure get tired of always filling up the water bowl.

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No problem!! You can go to Drinkwell to find out everything you need to know about this machine.

I got this because my GuaiGuai would only drink from a running faucet, I am tired of turning on and off the tap everyday, and I want him to drink more water even if I am not home to turn on the tap for him!!

For your case, the reservoir will solve your problem. Hope it helps.
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Here you go! This is the Drinkwell with the reservoir attachment.
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Thanks a bunch gals. I'm not sure I really need the machine itself, I can probably just go to my local pet store and get one of those resevoir things with the water bowl.

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I have some other pet fountain thing (can't remember the name) which I picked specificly because it has a ramp that the water runs down. I caught my cat drinking out of the drain in the tub when I had 2 or three differnt bowls of water out for her. Since I got it she loves it & only drinks out of the fountain. at first she was a little leary & would only drink out of the part furthest away from the running water, now she drinks right off the ramp that the water runs down. I also wanted to tell you mowguai that my Smokey used to look just like you Mow Mow when she was young (she's 17 now & is as one of my friends said a "rickity old kitty")
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Thank you for sharing your story with me. My experience is very similar to yours. My GuaiGuai would only drink from the tap, despite the clean big bowl of water nearby. That's why I got a Drinkwell for him, and also for MowMow. GuaiGuai still jumps to the sink and put his head under the tap nowadays, but it is getting less and less everyday. Whenever he jumps to the sink, I would drag him over to the Drinkwell, then he would drink from it. Hopefully that will let him know that Drinkwell is now the only place for water, not the tap.... But I wonder whether he prefers fresh water from the tap.. Perhaps I need to change the water in the well daily....

Is that a picture of Smokey in your Avatar? Your Smokey does look like my MowMow. How much does your Smokey weight? Mine weight about 12 pounds and she is only 2 years old...
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Yep that's my Smokey, AKA my sunshine. She is 17 years old now. In her prime she only weighed 7 lbs, but due to Chronic Renal Failure she is now down to 5 lbs.
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