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my licking cat!

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Can Someone help me answer this question? I have a young female cat that loves to lick you in the face, arms , leg pretty much anywhere she can. I tell my kids she thinks she's a dog at times So if anyone could help me figure this one out I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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My kitty does that to me when he wants to be fed. He just about eats me so that even though I'm a unintelligent human, I get the message.

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I have one boy who licks, I take it as a sign of affection - that he's grooming me.
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My sphyx does it.
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I have a Cornish Rex who does that - she will lick until she makes a sore place on your skin if allowed, purring all the while. She is 12 years old now and has always done this. I think it's just her way of showing affection.
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Bijou loves to "groom" me as well. Sometimes he'll even hold my arm between his paws so I won't move it. He is particularly fond of my eyelids (OUCH) for some reason.
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I have a few that do this, but only while they're being petted. I think it's a sign of affection. But if she's licking you when you're not petting her, she may be trying to get the salt off your skin.

BTW...welcome to TCS!
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I've noticed cat companions will lick--aka clean--one another. My cat also grooms me often, especially when I've been out for awhile and first get home. I always assumed that when cats lick us it's as though they think of us as a fellow cat and it is a sign of affection.

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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
He is particularly fond of my eyelids (OUCH) for some reason.
Angus used to try to lick my eyebrows, the first time I let him do it for a while and the next day I noticed many tiny scabs in my eyebrows. He's no longer allowed to lick indiscriminately, though we let him give a a few quick licks here and there. It seems to be a true sign of affection.
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My girls will do that sometimes. Dusty will "kiss" me while I am in bed. Rusty will do it sometimes too. Or they will lick my legs after a shower for a bit. We call it kissing us.
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Alley licked my hair and my forehead when she was very little but not anymore.She does faux nurse on my t-shirt sometimes though. lol

Funny you posted this question because a co-worker told me just the other day about a "weirdo" cat he used to have and that it would lick armpits! Kind of gross. Cat with an armpit fetish.
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mine does it when she's hungry. she usually will very lightly bite at my hand,but if she can't get to them(when I pick at them)she licks my leg.
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