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Funny things cats do

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Hello everyone,

Just wondered if anyone else cat did this, if I am sat in the back garden he will come and sit with me and watch what I am doing, I was always told that cats are very independent, but seems Oscar is an exception.

He loves to sit and watch TV programmes. Although, he follows me into the bathroom and has got to the point where if I go to bathroom and he is not around, I have to leave the door slighty open aor else he comes up and scratches the door to be let in.

Funny little things aren't they, but I have admit, it's so cute to be missed, even when popping to the bathroom hehehehehe!.

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Zoey has a list a mile long Everytime I'm eating something she HAS to see what I'm doing. She doesnt even like anything that I eat, except for milk and ice cream but I dont usually give it to her cuz dairy products arent good for cats.. anyway, I like to have a bowl of cereal in front of the computer at night and even if she's in the bedroom sleeping, when she hears me pour the cereal she is right there in the kitchen seeing what I'm doing. Then I walk to the computer chair and she practically RUNS after me and jumps up on the desk and sits there and intensly watches me eat my cereal She even tries to grab the bowl with her paw

She HAS to follow me into the bathroom every time I go in there, whether I'm using the toilet or showering.

We meow back and forth for EVER.. she even answers me when I ask her questions. She also makes chirping meows with me and her eyes get all big and she eventually runs up to me and paws me, then runs away ITS SO CUTE
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Coal can't stand it if he can't see me. He barges into the bathroom when I'm in there, and heaven forbid I close the shower doors when I am taking a bath! He paws at them and cries for me to open them, so he can be sure I am ok!
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Misty and Stevie are similar to yours, they follow me everywhere, I have to leave the bathroom door open when I'm in there otherwise they scratch and meow outside. When I'm in the bath they both pop up and sit on the rim of the bath, playing with the bubbles!LOL

Stevie loves watching me and my prtner brush our teetsh, he gets right up on the sink and can't take his eyes off you!

There's so many others, Misty LOVES my hair, she goes crazy when I have it down, she almost gets lost in it, burying her head and licking the strands!

Oh and Stevie is the biggest male-tart around, when anyone comes over, he'll immediately jump on their laps and get on his back, his paws in the air, ready for belly rubs!!!!
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You know, I don't know any cats that don't follow their guardians into the bathroom. I've also been at other people's houses and had their cats accompany me. Isn't that weird?
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So funny, BK is a bathroom kitty. If you keep the door cracked he opens the door and comes in and sits on the scales and stares at you. If I am in the bathroom he sits on my lap . He also likes for us to stick qtips under the door for him to grab.
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My longhair baby Tiki does the same thing. She is very nosy and wants to know what we are doing at all times. When I let her out, if my husband is sitting in the middle of the yard, she would go straight to him and walk around him until she gets a few pat on the head. Then she sits down next to him like a dog.

Another strange thing she does it to show off her running and tree climbing ability. She would suddenly burst into a run toward me from the other end of the yard, stop right in front of me, turn around and run back to the tree at the other end, jump up on the tree for a few second until her fat body is too much for her to hold

She also like to help too, every time I finished paint something and when I am folding up the drop cloth. She would come and hop on the cloth to get rid of the air bubble for me
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My old faithful cat, dear departed, Ericka, used to love bathrooms and she LOVED water. When she eas a kitten, my then boyfriend (thankfully *then*) forgot to put the toilet lid down (I told him about a million times!) and Ericka fell into the loo! I heard this screeching from the living room and ran to the bathroom to find her wet and not being able to climb out. The weird thing was that ever since then she loved water, she'd play with the water from the taps when you were cleaning your teeth or if I was IN the bath, she actually JUMPED IN with me several times, the first time was a total shock believe me, but she loved it. Sometimes I'd be in the bath and she'd look at me as if to say...why didn't you run me one? Really accusitory! LOL Strange but true, everyone used to tell me that she was a psycho because no cats like water, but she did, she certainly did, she was my water baby!
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When I am eating my cereal in the morning I have to be very careful that Max does not stick in paw in the bowl. Or he walks back and forth on my lap and you have to watch for his tail not to get in the bowl.

He loves to play catch with his mouse. This mouse looks very sad, because it has been put through the mill. But he loves it and it is his very favorite thing to play catch with.

Max will also not allow me to go to the bathroom without him. If I shut the door,he will stick his paws underneath the door, like he's feeling his way to me.

He will also race me to the bed. It's like if he doesn't get there first, something bad will happen.
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My baby girl Vagabond is an absolute card too! She loves water ((I've also had her jump into a bath with me on a few occasions...)) and she loves to follow me into the bathroom and rub up against my legs. The one thing she does though, is when I first come home, I don't even get a chance to walk in the front door before she's at my feet meowing.

She keeps meowing until I pet her! I once tried to see how long she would, and she kep up the constant meowing for almost 5 hours... after that I finally had enough and petted her. Too much meowing.

Vagabond also has this strange little quirk of stealing my glasses of milk. I'll go to the washroom, leaving a glass of milk almost finished on the counter. When i come back she's licking her paws and all the milk is gone! It's a funny thing to see.
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Leo likes to do this wierd dance right before he attacks his mice or anyone who annoys him! He sort of backs up and twists his body as if he is going to do a kung fu kick. We all laugh when we see him. Then he bites our ankles for retaliation!
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Clara, my Boo does the exact same thing. I can't remember the last time I had a private moment in the bathroom. As soon as I sit down, she jumps on my lap, if I'm taking a bubble bath, she jumps on top of the tub and watches me - one of these times she is going to fall in. lol. When I put my makeup on/off - she is right on the sink sitting and watching, trying to play with my make-up and take off with q-tips. I can't imagine life without her.
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My cat, Thumper, backs up to us, wanting her butt to be rubbed. If we do it, her front to paws will start jittering up and down, looking just like she is dancing. I'm not kidding! I wish I had a video camera so I could film her doing that sometime. Has anyone else ever experienced something like that?

Stinkie has to have his water in a bowl in the kitchen sink. He has to see me change it. He gets down in the sink with the bowl and drinks the water. He also goes to the bathroom every single time I take a shower and washes himself the entire time I am in there, as if he knows what he should be doing. He has to have his routine and really hates it if any little thing is changed.

Also, I have seen some of my cats actually hop with the grasshoppers if they are after one. They do it with any hopping creaure.
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Oh my goodness, this is so funny. And you are describing our kitten to a T.
He follows me around like a puppy dog and will bound up from a sound sleep just to follow me. If I take a nap (I'm teacher with summers off) he will curl up next to me and nap too. I have my labrador retriever on one side and the kitten on the other.
Donny also insists on joining me in the shower and will insist on being let in if anyone else is showering. He sits on top of his covered litter box and watches.
He's jumped in a time or two and loves to walk between the shower curtains.
When we change the litter box, he has to be right there to help. And he has to christen it immediately. It doesn't matter if he just used the litter box, the new stuff has to be tested out.
When I shut the door to the toilet room, both the dog and Donny will wait for me on the other side. Donny will stick his paws under the door to try and snag my feet or shoes. I've learned to keep a cat toy in there.
Both animals recognize the sounds of our cars. And they will be sitting, waiting at the door for us to walk in. Our own greeting committee.

You just gotta love 'em.
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Well my Nelson loves the dregs of hubby and I’s cups of tea. If we have a cup of tea and leave a bit in the bottom, Nelson will come over have a good sniff and then dip his paw in the tea and then lick it. He repeats this until there isn’t any tea left.

He probably only does this about once a month and hubby and I try to remember not to leave dregs in our cups after we have tea.

Is tea (just ordinary leaf tea) bad for cats?

He also loves the toilet and will follow anyone who goes in to it – including people we don’t know very well which can be embarrassing – we always warn them, if the door opens while you are in there – don’t panic – it is only Nelson.

Zoe doesn’t have quite as many foibles – although she will eat anything that we eat unlike Nelson – she has even been known to eat cooked onion???
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My Cathleen also follows me to the bathroom and jumps on my lap. She also have to be there when I am bathing. If I take a shower she just sits there watching and Im in the bathtube she jumps on the edge of the tube and plays with the foam.
When I lived in Japan I had a tabby that was a seaweed junkie. You know, those dry seaweed sheets that the japanese wrap sushi with? He couldn't get enough of it. Everytime I came back from the supermarket with a new pack of seaweed he would jump on the market bag to get it.
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Seaweed or kelp is very good for cats, especially cats with diabetes.
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You mean there are people with cats who actually close the door when they are in the bathroom??? I didn't think it possible! LOL

Trent also has to inspect everything we eat, even though he doesn't like most of it.
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I didn't know that.
Too bad now I live in Romania and can't find any around here...
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