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Black Sphynx Teeth

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Hey guys!

My newbie Sphynx (black/white van, 14 wk breeder male) went to the vet today for his 72hr check-up as agreed upon via the Breeder's Contract. He was overall good EXCEPT really black teeth (he still has his baby teeth) and has scabs on the end of his tail (my vet said that Sphynx cats' don't have normal follicles so she accounted this for the scabs on the tip of his tail) she told me to keep an eye on it.

So my questions are:

1. Black teeth - normal or not normal? He still has his baby teeth but I want to show him!

2. What should I tell my breeder? She has been extremely by the book and very professional and I do not want to come off as difficult.

Advice!? Thanks Mews2Much for giving me the reply on FaceBook
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I have never heard of black teeth in a kitten, especially. I have 3 sphynx and none of them have teeth issues. Did your vet say anything about it other than they were his baby teeth?

I would gently ask the breeder what this could be, as you'd not noticed it until the vet told you. I doubt the breeder will take any offence in your asking the question as a new owner.

The scabs on the end of his tail could just be from his littermates biting the tail and now he's just healing up.
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Never had any cat have black teeth - they are always white. What was the vet's comments about the teeth? That just seems very odd/weird to me.
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Can you get a picture of the teeth?
Has he had any antibiotics?
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Agree with everyone else, I've never seen black teeth. Did the vet say anything?

With what to say to the breeder, just tell her what you've discovered and what the vet said.
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I would get a second opinion. My Sphynx does not have black teeth, sounds very concerning, almost like he already has dental calculus at 14 weeks old, which is a bad omen of his adulthood if so (makes me think he will need a lot of teeth pulled or dentals every 6 months, or has the beginning of periodontal disease, etc.) and should rule him out as a breeder IMO, as that trait doesn't need to be passed on genetically. I would simply send an e-mail to the breeder asking about the black teeth result and their experience (if any) with it. If you could PM, I would be interested in hearing what the breeder has to say if they have experience with black teeth, as I am also interested in knowing more.
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