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Best way to clean vomit on carpet

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Ok, I know this is probably really stupid to ask, but what's the best way to get kitty vomit out of the carpet.
I'm thinking put a damp paper towel over it to soften it up, but if I rub it to get it up it'll just rub it in more, right?
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This is what I do.

First - pick up what ever you can without rubbing it more into the carpet

Second - pour white vinegar on the spot

Third - take a cloth, or paper towels and shape it into a ball-like shape - press the cloth/towel into the stain - blot, don't rub
keep getting a clean towel and continue to blot up the stuff until as much of it is absorbed in the cloths and removed from the carpet.

Fourth - pour alcohol on top of the stain, and repeat blotting until the stain is gone

Fifth - place the cloth or paper towel on top of the wet spot - it will absorb the excess liquid, and - protect the spot from someone walking on it and making the clean wet spot dirty.

Don't scrub the rug - that will ruin the pile - blotting is the key, press hard.

I don't know what "vomit" you're picking up - but, that's what I do with the hairball stuff - or, any other stuff that get on or in my carpet.

Works every time for me, and I'm grateful for having discovered this process.

Also, the alcohol serves as a germ fighter.

You might test your carpet to make sure that the combination won't cause a stain itself. I have Mohawk carpets - wool combination - of ??, and I don't have any problems.

Also, have you tried Googling your question?
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Try dish soap or laundry detergent. These detergents are made to break down and remove things like this. You can also get carpet cleaners, that are basically the same thing as a launfry detergent, and use that to spot clean with.

Once you remove as much of the vomit from the carpet as possible, scrub (use a scrub brush and scrub in towards the center of the stain, not across or out) with with soapy water. Then use a rag and clean water to get as much of the soap up as possible. After that you place a clean dry towel over it and use your weight (step on it) to help absorb as much of the water as possible.

The only problem with this method is that you may end up with cleaned spots showing up as cleaner than the rest of your carpet.
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Scrape it up with a spoon, sponge with warm water and blot dry
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We wipe up what we can, then spray it with Oxyclean. Then, we go back with a warm cloth and rub it out.
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Steam Cleaner. I got my bisel for $100 (and their are lots of even smaller models for cheaper), and it's payed for itself in the last two years in diarrhoea, vomit, and other nasty stains!!
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Nature's Miracle!

Very easy to use and works like a charm, I'm *never* without it. First, shake bottle, then pour over stain, work in vigorously with your fingers and you are done. No rinsing etc. needed. Depending on the color of the bile/vomit you may have to reapply a second time, but that's it!
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I get up what I can first and then mix a little baking soda in some warm water. Pour a tiny bit of the mixture on the carpet, let it soak in for a minute or so, and gently dab away. Works like a charm!
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I use Oxiclean, and it works wonders. Just test it first to make sure it doesn't discolor your carpet, and be sure you rinse thoroughly with clear water.
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I wait until it's dry and then vacuum it up. If there is a bit of a stain, I just use a bit of carpet shampoo and a brush to scrub the area clean.
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I have a little green machine (Bissell) and it works great for kitty accidents!
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When we had carpet I used a Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber and Nature's Miracle. Nothing seemed to work as well as using some sort of cleaning machine.
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We use Resolve carpet cleaner.
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i had to revive this thread as i was looking for best ways to clean kitty vomit, and i found that getting a mug with a squirt of dish detergent and with hot water (from the kettle) and using an old tooth brush did wonders on my carpet.
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Several years ago, my son did a project for the science fair. We got 4 carpet samples, and spilled cherry applesauce on all of them. Then we cleaned all 4 with different cleaners. We used Resolve, Oxyclean, another carpet cleaner (sorry, can't remember which) and plain dish soap and water (Dawn, I think).

Surprisingly, Resolve didn't get that nasty red out of the carpet; the other carpet cleaner was even worse, and Oxyclean and the dish soap both did, with the problem being we had to actually rinse the oxyclean sample under the tap to get it clean. Which you can't do with your carpet obviously! So dish soap wins in my house.
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
So dish soap wins in my house.
Simple and cheap is sometimes the best way to go - and always the first place to start if you have nothing to lose.

I just squirt a little soap right on the spot/stain and use a damp rag to scrub at it with, then rinse as much out as I can. This way you don't have to soak the carpet or use as much dish soap. Around my house a normal size bottle of Dawn lasts around 5-6 months even when used for multiple purposes.
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I swear by Spot Shot. Works like a charm without much scrubbing from me.
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I pick up whatever I can with a paper towel first, then soak it with water, blot the moisture out, spray the spot with water, squirt some detergent/soap on it, work it in and scrub it like crazy with a towel, then pour water on it and blot...repeat last step until I'm satisfied I got most of the soap out. My last step is spraying it with Nature's Miracle. I clean like this for both vomit and urine and my carpets don't have even one stain.
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I agree with Natalie. Unless it is directly in our sight, I wait until dry and vacuum up. I think anything else is just rubbing it in. Of course if it is a huge amount right in the middle of the living room, I would use one of the above. They all sound good. I think my next rug will be colored "catfood brown".
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