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Meow Meow Meow!!!!!

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I finally got my new computer today. So that hubby and i dont fight who is using it first and how long for !!! Because for me, coming here is VERY important !! ( I love it here !) And i dont have a fight with Tabitha and now Daisy, who sit on the computer chair!! ( Thats hubby's problem now !! ) Ive got it set up by my sofa so i can sit in comfort!
Well it's been a bit of a pain having to set it all up and to get started, so when i came on to here after i'd finished i had such a shock !! What seem to me 'out of the blue' i noticed that i had become an ALPHA CAT !!! !! I had to look twice! Im sure i was an Adult Cat this morning !! It really just made my day I told Tabitha and Daisy im an alpha cat but they didn't look very impressed !! I think was the ' Yeah RIGHT' look !! I just had to share this with you all as im a very happy mummy right now !!
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Brilliant my friend Con"CAT"ulations my friend!.......
you deserves a dance!...

Now with this status reached you can change your avatar!.. keep posting my friend!..

And of course congratulations for your new adquisition too!..( I mean you new PC!)..
Thank you for your interest in TCS!..
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Congrats on becoming an alpha cat, although i think the cats will say different if they could speak
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"Yeah, Mum -- THEY say you're an Alpha Cat, but what do THEY know? They're just HUMANS!!"

Nevermind, dear, we'll live in our quaint little human world and recognize your new status --

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you know all cats look at us knowing there is nothing alpha about us concerning them

At least you can be alpha cat here

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Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:c lap:
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Congratulations on becoming and alpha cat!!! Oh, and congratulations on the new computer, too.
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Nice one on the new computer! And Alpha cat, you chatterbox you!

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I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU ! to all of you for your kind comments.
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Like you said, Meow meow meow.....And a meow from the Binks.
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