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Does anybody have a food dehydrator?

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Do you ever use it for vegetables?

DH got himself a new "toy", and it seems fine for fruit. We've already dried mirabelles and plums, and will have lots of pears, apples, etc., shortly.

I'd like to try drying/dehydrating tomatoes, since we have so many this year that we're running out of storage space. Have you tried that, and how were they when you used them? How about onions and sweet peppers - I assume it's best to dice them first?
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I dont have any experience with that, but I bet it would be delicious. You could even salt them or use seasoned salt and eat them straight, I bet, as well as putting them into all kinds of dishes from salads to pastas. Let us know how it goes, if you do it.
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Only thing we've ever made is Jerky. mmmmmmmmm jerky
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I have one and have never tried veggies with mine. The juicier the item you are dehydrating, the longer it takes. I would be almost afraid to try tomatoes in them.

I've done a lot of fruit, mostly pineapple and kiwi (both delicious). Bananas didn't turn our right. I do apples and pears near Christmas and hang them as ornaments outside for the birds to eat. If you get a tray, try applesauce with a little cinamon on top.
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don't know where you live but...we don't have alot of local fresh produce around here. I use mine mostly for fruit(so there isn`t th eadded sugar),but I have tried tomatoes..(be careful,they burn easily)...which I guess is a fruit anyway...
appparently I am of little help...sorry
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I'm certainly no help because food doesn't last around our house long enough to dehydrate. Hubby wants everything fresh. Our tomatoes are just coming on now and I suggested peeling some and making a nice fresh tomato sauce with fresh basil. He was appalled that I would consider cooking his lovely fresh tomatoes.
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Can you make fruit and jerky in the same machine ? (with lots of cleaning of course)
I really like both of those, but thought I needed 2 different things to make both...Im mostly interested in apples, mangoes, beef, and bison!
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