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Resume software anyone?

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have any of you ever used resume software? I was thinking about buying some because i am slow useing the 'word' program. I am just looking for opinions. Should i buy the software or just do it myself from scratch?

Thanks so much.
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I have always done mine frome scratch, but I was on a resume writing course, so that helps.
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Tamara, I use Word as well. There is a resume Wizard on there that might help.
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Thanks Adrienne and Sue.

I didnt know there was a template in word? I found it and that is just the thing im looking for.

Thanks again, you just saved me 30$
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Hey no problem, you can donate it to us, split 50/50

Good luck with the resume, and with the job hunt
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If you write one up and want someone to review it you can e-mail it to me.
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i think there's even more templates on microsoft.com and also cover letter examples and templates. But just a word of caution--some of the word templates use different fonts, and the most scanable one is Times New Roman, so if you are submitting to a company that scans them into databases (which most big companies do), I would change the font. And if you need a second opinion you can mail it to me.. lol.. I used to prepare resumes for people for extra money in highschool plus I took 2 courses that covered resume writing in college.. I'm no expert, but I do have several resume books that ARE experts, lol
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