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Tuxedo Brown Cats

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Check out this unusual kitten:
Brown with white points.
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Tuxedo or bi-colours come in lots of colours, not just black/white
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ok, find a picture of another one.
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Blue and white tuxedo

Brown tabby and white:

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I haven't seen many solid brown cats at all.
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We have these, too.
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The pictures are rather grainy and unclear. It is hard for me to clearly see the color/pattern.

Several different things could cause a cat/kitten to appear solid brown. What color is their nose leather? How about their paw pads? Are there places where the brown looks lighter, such as on their main body? Is the fur brown to the roots, or does it get lighter/darker?
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Paw pads brown
nose brown
whiskers brown
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Its possible to have a chocolate and white bicolor (tuxedo is the wrong term to use - they are color and white which is a "bicolor").

But in mixed breeds it would be rare to have a solid brown color - you usually find it in brown tabby.
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