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ARG! Peaches are blooming...

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(I know not a great belly shot, but being 5 months myself, I'm inclined to leave sleeping mothers lie!)

Great, just great!! *head desk*

I think because she was (1) only four months old SUPPOSEDLY! and (2) VERY skinny when we adopted her I put the blinders on and didn't notice Peaches' belly. "Oh well, she's eating lots of good food now, and we finally got ride of her fleas no wonder her belly is getting bigger" or "She's just bloated from worms, I'll give her a deworming dose and it will go away".

I'm so mad at myself! We should have taken her straight to the vet and had her spayed, it's quite obviously too late at this point. The only consolation is that she is young and was in BAD shape so should only have one or two.

We'll be doing the right thing & giving the kittens a home until good long term homes can be found & hopefully working the local OSCPA or cat shelter for fixing costs (ugh). Peaches will be going in ASAP!!! (Well we don't have an issue with them getting out because we have double doors (a porch) so we'll let her wean properly then send her in).

It looks like she's due in the next week or so.

Arg, excuse me while I go kick my own for a bit...

I've birthed & raised kittens, puppies & rabbits so I'm to worried about the logistics, I'm just really mad at myself for adding more, although I'm sure adorable, little cat lives to the world. We're supposed to be helping not hurting!!
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make sure you post the pics!!! She is adorable though... I bet those babies will be beautiful!
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We're still waiting! Although she seems to have dissapeared in the last 30 minutes...

Poor girl is the getting the snot kicked out of her by those kittens! I still think there are only 2-3 but she's not very big so their isn't too much room. Just watching her laying down last night you could see the little feet poking out all over the place - reminds me of my first baby!!

I'm still trying to figure out how old she could possibly be! She's still teething (and I have an adult tooth growing in to prove it) so should be around 4/5 months old at most, but came into heat 2 months ago for kittens now, so came into heat at 2 - 3 months?? Is that even possible??

Her birthday is supposed to be March 24th...

So I'm in for another sleepless night I'm sure; I have no doubts she can deliver them on her own but being a first time mom I'm just really worried she'll leave them all over the house :S. Better go put on some coffee...
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