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Female cat having trouble urinating

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My female cat is having some trouble urinating. She is going a small to medium amount but 15 minutes to a half hour later she is going in the box and sitting there with no results. She is nine years old and a bit heavy. She does go to sleep for hours without going to the box. It's just like she feels like sometimes she still has to go. She is not crying, there is no blood and she is eating normally. I am making soup out of her food by adding water and she is drinking that, but I haven't really seen her drinking her water. There is a fountain, but she won't use that.

I have been through this before with two of our male cats but never with a female...

I know she has to go to the vet, but I am a bit short til next week. As she is urinating, although perhaps a smaller amount then normal how pressing is this issue and is it very common for a female cat to get it?

Thank you!
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VET NOW ... ask for a payment arragement ...
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It sounds like a UTI.
I have a female cat that gets them.
She could have bladder stones also.
My Coco did that and she had stones with a infection.
Is there anyway the vet would let you make payments.
You need to call the vet.
If it is a infection it can go to the kidneys if it is not treated now.
My Coco has to be on Baytril forever because she was getting UTI's every 2 month.
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Very pressing - call the vet - and make whatever arrangements you have to to pay. It's unlikely that it's something that will clear up on its own, and the more you wait, the more it will cost to treat - assuming the cat lives.

Good luck - it always hurts to not have enough cash on hand to take care of our babies, but call and see what arrangements you can make.
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I agree an emergency vet situation - the longer you wait the worse it is - the more it will cost & the more risk to her life it is.
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With such strongly worded answers I took her to the vet today! I was able to borrow some money. I was in a panic when I read your answers, but now that she has been to the vet, I am feeling more relaxed.

The Vet thinks she has a UTI and she is now on Clavamox. Blood results pending. I didn't know if it was an emergency or not as she was getting urine out, she just felt she had to go some more.

As usual, Thank you so much for all of your advice and for helping me make the right decision. Hopefully she will be feeling more herself in a few days.
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So glad you were able to get into the vet, and that she's getting treatment. Sounds like you caught it early, so hopefully she'll make a fast recovery (and won't hate Clavamox as much as my little one did!)

The scary thing, to me, for any of these gastro/urinary deals is it's impossible to diagnose for sure without a pro seeing the cat (and even they can have questions), but if it's something serious, there's not a lot of time to deal with the issue. Let's say it was a blockage - sure, less common in females, but what if? And, in any event, she probably sure wasn't comfortable and it probably wouldn't clear on its own, so she's lucky she has a great mom!
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So glad she's getting treated (and I'm sure she is, too!).

What a wonderful kitty mama you are.
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I am having the same problem, right now. I am going to take her to the vet, today but this has been going on for about 3 weeks!

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My almost 19 year old cat has had kidney disease, slowly progressing, for two years now.  I noticed two days ago that she had some difficulty to get a urine stream started. And occasionally went into the cat box, but nothing happened.  Andfor two days her stools were scanty and dry.

Took her to the vet today.  Vet did an exam and blood tests.  Found no problems or issues.  Vet said she actually had a better resulting blood test than 4 months ago.   I do subcutaneous hydration with her every three days to keep her hydrated.  (Kidney issues cause dehydration) .She does eat canned food twice a day and some dry kd diet food at night, and does drink water.  So the vet recommended that  I should sub q every other day to increase the fluids in her body. We will see if that helps her to have normal "flows."

If you have a cat with kidney issues, the vet will teach you how to do the sub q treatments. .

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