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Bishop busted

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The Roman Catholic bishop of Phoenix spent last night in jail. He was arrested in connection with a fatal hit-and-run accident. A pedestrian was struck by two cars and killed. A witness provided a partial license plate and description of the car, leading to Bishop O'Brien.

The bishop admits to driving the car, in that area at that time and admits that he hit "something". The passenger side of his windshield shows evidence of impact with something round. The car has been impounded and will be processed for evidence.

Bishop O'Brien is already under fire, for the deal that he cut, with the Maricopa County prosecutor, to avoid prosecution for covering up pedophile priests, in the dioscese. He has admitted being responsible for transferring such priests, many of them into jobs that would continue to give them access to children.

A dioscesan spokeperson says that the bishop is "exhausted". The charge of leaving the scene of an accident, resulting in death or injury, can range from probation to 5 years in prison and some hefty fines. How much, do you want to bet, that his defense will be paid for out of church funds?
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you betch ya!
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That is just disgusting. What a farce, for a "Man of God" to show such a blatant disrespect for human life.

I bet they take up a collection for him.
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Since they live with vows of poverty and any material items come from the small stipend they get, the archdiosce will have to pay for his defense.
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Priests don't take vows of poverty - just celibacy and obedience.

The story gets worse: the victim was struck and killed, on Saturday night. The bishop's vehicle was the first one, to hit the man and another vehicle ran over the body. Both left the scene. A witness tailed the bishop's car, got the plate # and returned to the scene.

Phoenix police traced the plate to the dioscesan office and attempted to contact the bishop, at his residence. He was nowhere to be found. A priest, at the residence, informed the bishop on Sunday night, that the police detectives were trying to contact him.

On Monday, the bishop called around, to get price quotes for replacing his windshield. Finally, he contacted police and talked to them. His first story was that he thought he hit a pothole. Potholes do NOT shatter windshields! The next story was that he thought that he had hit an animal or that a rock hit his windshield.

If your windshield suddenly shattered, would you not stop to see what caused this? A body, flying up over your hood and smashing into your windshield, is pretty hard to miss. The victim was 6 ft. tall and weighed 225.

It looks as though Phoenix may be getting a new bishop. He dodged an obstruction of justice charge, with the sex-abuse case but, I don't see how he'll get out of this one.
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In the news this AM, the Pope has accepted the bishop's resignation. So there will be a new bishop, it would seem. Hopefully, this one will be a better driver.
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I caught that, after I posted. According to MSNBC, the archbishop of Sant Fe has been appointed administrator until a new bishop is appointed.

AZ only has two diosceses and Tucson got a new bishop, last year. I'm not Catholic but, the new guy seems to be on the ball. He's set tougher standards, than the Vatican, for dealing with pedophile priests. The head of his review board is the Pima County sheriff.

After cutting that deal, with the Phoenix bishop, I wouldn't give much, for the Maricopa County prosecutor's chances for reelection, though.

Are these prelates really THAT out of touch with the real world?
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