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concern for neighbor's cat

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I was invited into my neighbor's apartment and he told me his cat is now on diet food because the cat is developing a pouch. This cat is soooo tiny and thin that I know diet food is not needed.

I just want to ask if this food could cause problems either sooner or later with this cat?

And if so.... how do I bring this up with him NOW. I dont see him very often and when I do it would be weird to bring up his cat's food again.

But I am concerned...

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He is probably referring to what some call the "spay sway," under the cat's belly. That is normal and even a sign of health on the cat, so long as it isn't excessive. No matter how much he starves her, she'll still have that "pouch."
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mrblanche is correct. That is a spay sway and not a sign of a fat cat by any means. That is generally there to protect a cats internal organs should it get into a fight and it also allows the cat to stretch better when jumping.

I hope you can get this message across to him so that he give the cat better food.

Also, if the cat is under 9 months old it should still be on kitten food as it needs the extra calories for good growth and health.

As for how to bring it up, you might possibly say you asked some friends who were quite knowledgeable about cats and asked if the diet food was a good way to get rid of the pouch and then tell him what we said. Good luck and let us know if you were successful.
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Although it's difficult to confront a neighbor about something like this, I'd casually mention that it's normal for cats to have that pouch and the diet food seems to be making her too slim. If you don't see him often, you could call him and very politely mention your concerns about his cat. Good luck.

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