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Am I the only Preggo kitty left?:(

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It seem as if I'm the only one left waiting for the arrival of my kitties. Angel is just getting fatter and fatter...no milk, no blood, no rooting around just getting bigger!

I do have some quick questions. How do I know if I need to cut the abilicol cord or not? How long do I give Momma to bite it off? She should basically do this as soon as they come completely out?

I was thinking somebody posted a good site to read about birthing of kittens, if so I would like it.

Thanks a bunch,
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Hang in there Cathy, it WILL happen LOL. A good web site is http://usf.cattery.net/birth.html

Good luck, often it's when you give up on waiting that things happen.
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I just found another good site at http://www.geocities.com/Petsburgh/4...ngkittens.html It's about Persian kitten birth but still has lots of good information.
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I know how you feel, I have to say I'm relieved it's all over, but like Tania said, hang in there, they'll come soon enough (for your sake I'm hoping sooner rather than later)

I'm sending you good preggo kitty vibes!!!!
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Thanks guys (or should I say gals). My only problem is I will not be able to stay with Angel all day unless she has them on a weekend. I can not afford to be out of work for that. I can on the other hand go home for lunch to check on her and stuff. She is so funny to watch now walking or should I say wobbling.ggggg

I do have human kids and a husband. My 5 year old daughter is very excited about Angel having babies but Im not sure yet if I will actually let her "watch" the birth (if I'm even there for it). She has already asked me where Angel's babies will come from. I told her they come from her tummy.....???

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Hello, you are not the only one left with the preggo kitty. My Patches is still waiting also. (well it does not seem like she's doing the waiting, I'm the one stuck waiting) She justs happily lays around with-out a care in the world. Sounds like Angel and Patches are doing about the same thing, no milk, no blood, no rooting around just getting bigger. Patches really looks like she swallowed a foot-ball. Heres hoping thant Angel and Patches don't have much longer.
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Hi Valarie, I don't remember Patches. Have you posted on the other threads about her? You probably did and I just don't remember. I have that "senior" moment going way to often for me!!! hehe

Have you taken Patches to vet or anything? I took Angel last Wed and she said probably with in the next week, well, tomorrow will be a week.....Not going to happen! Oh well, they will arrive when they get ready I guess.

Oh, where in Florida are you? Im in Montgomery, AL and I was just down in Seagove two weekends ago.

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Hey guys?

Can we keep this forum and the posts for health related questions only? Chatting it up and stuff can go in the main Lounge? Thanks!

And Cathy, the mom will usually bend down right away and start licking and chewing the cord (as it is still attached to her and somewhat painful when pulled by the weight of a kitten. She wants to get that pressure off her as soon as possible, especially if another kitten is on its way.
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I'm alittle confused then. Is our babies being pregnant not health related. Or do we only post here when we have a problem with the pregnancy?

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No, what I meant is keep the posts about health related issues and not get sidetracked with other things, like where the two of you live and other "chat issues". Our vet tech Sandie is quite busy with her life, and when she comes here to help out, it just would help her a great deal (and me as well) if the posts were about the health concerns of your cats, and not other issues not relevant to the first post. Both of us help out in this forum and we do it on a hit and run basis, as both of us are busy. The questions about health issues are the pressing ones, and anything else included deters away from the issues at hand. That's all I meant, and I hope you don't take offense at my words.
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No, no, not at all Hissy. I was just a little confused that's all. Should I have put that post in the lounge to begin with? Please feel free to move it if you would like.

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No it is fine, it was your concern for your cat and the question about the umbilical cord that was the initial question. If you read down the entire post and take out the added information, then it is just easier for Sandie and myself to figure out the health concern and address it without getting caught up in the other. There is an expectant kitty mom's thread in the lounge the two of you can join there and explore your angst together. I know what it is like waiting for a mom to have her babies.
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Okay, thanks....I'm already in that thread!

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