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Sims 3

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I know there was a thread about this, but since it was awhile I thought I would start a new one.

Has anyone played this? Is it fun? What makes it so much better then Sims2?

I loved Sims 2 but I got bored of it after a few years, I am now getting bored with WoW and wanted something else.

Any info would be appreciated, thanks!!
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I have the Sims 3. I really enjoy it. It's different from Sims 2 in a lot of ways that I mostly like but I've read on other forums how some people hate it. I think the biggest improvement is how easy it is to move your Sim through town. There are NO load screens. You can just hop wherever you want to go and watch your Sim travel there by car, taxi or bike.

It's much easier to care for their needs. It's not a chore like it used to be and the traits features lets your Sim seem like an individual as opposed to a bunch of clones.

The drawback is that if you make a new Sim, your first Sim becomes an NPC from that point on. If you want multiple Sims you just have to make multiple save games.
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Nope my friend... Unfortunately got that game...
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There are a few new things that I like, but other things about the game I don't like. I really like how easy it is to get around town (which I know was already said). I don't like how when your sim is pregnant and about to have the baby, the game says to make sure she is home or at the hospital but you don't have time to get her there after the game says that. If she is at home, you can't do anything with the sim until the baby comes and she basically just stands there making noises for a couple of minutes.

I haven't played it in probably close to a month, and I just bought it a couple of days after I got married, which was July 18. I got bored with it pretty quickly.
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It is TERRIBLE! It's boring and easy and I just don't like the way it plays. I'm hoping them come out with some expansion packs in the future that make game play allot better but I absolutely hate it and am so glad I borrowed from my sister (who also hated it) instead of buying. I've seriously considered deleting it a few times, but I've got the extra room so it's just sitting in the back of my hard drive.

Sims 2 is way better and I'm still playing it, install some expansion packs, they are worth it!

Ugh, I was just so disappointed because Sims3 LOOKED so good, but it took me one sim & a couple hours to do anything that was even mildly interesting in the game.

I also recently got AOE, went through all the levels in 3 days and deleted it *sigh* can't anyone make a decent game any more?? I 'd really like something new so I can blow off steam & ignore housework for an hour or two at the end of the day .
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