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Daily Thread Thurs August 27th

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Morning friends!

It's chilly today! It's only going to be 18 degrees. I am actually wearing clothes Normally I strut around in the nude because its so hot!

Heading to work in a bit..then to the gym tonight. That is it. Josh is not around tonight because he has started his first intensive week at school, and I don't see him until he is asleep beside me Same goes for tomorrow, and yesterday. It sucks!

Anyhoo, off to the showers...

Have a good one folks!
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I'll be leaving the office in just over an hour, then i'll be cracking on with my housework to get ready for a long weekend because it's a public holiday here in the UK on Monday .
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I heard a rumor this place was done and some ladies were frantic.

Morning everyone! It's not a good start with me. Cello thought it would be nice if he joined me while I fed the baby this morning. However I was done and DS just went to sleep when he started his crying and scratching at the door.

Hopefully the day gets better.
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Morning All!!!

Chilly one here this morning only 4C

Not a whole lot planned for today, have a few chores to do around the house tidy up a bit, litter boxes, and I think if I get really energetic I may do some of my windows...(kitty paw prints)

The kitties are fine this morning, sitting in the front window watching the birds
we have tons of those little yellow gold finches flocking right now.

Everyone have a good day
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I got a nice early start this morning and it was a very pleasant drive with the lighter traffic. I'm hoping to get some work done and knock some of the items off my to-do list today. I went to the gym and worked out yesterday, so I don't really need to tonight. I may be good and go anyway though, but we'll see how I feel at the end of the day. Not much planned after work - a little reading, maybe a little time on the computer, and of course a little time snuggling with the kitties.
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It's chilly here too this morning. The cats were apparently starving and got themselves locked out of the room this morning by my husband for sitting on his chest and yowling in his face until he got up. - I slept through the whole thing.

Nothing special today. Just a work day and picking up groceries afterwards.

Hope everyone has a good one.
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Ahhh you wanna send some of that chilliness here? LOL it is hot gonna be about 102 or so today. I have a long walk to class, and I am walking even more to talk to my advisors. Only one class today in an hour, but I have to ride my ponies and have to finish painting my jump soooo im gonna be outside all day! Tonight my only night of the week I dont have class or work!! sooo im gonna study! and try to get some good shots of Kamie for you all becasue she is growing like a weed! I hope everyone has a great day!
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Morning. Regular day today, but it's gonna be a hot one again. It's very warm already. And quite possibly icky air to breathe with the wildfires going on in the hills.. They're nowhere near where I live but I can see the brown smoke in the sky in the distance. Not good.

I'm happy that tomorrow will be Friday and then the weekend. I'm too bored sitting at work with nothing to do with no one else here, more like housesitting kind of. In fact I probably could even watch TV but I don't know how to work the remotes! So I'll just do the little bit of work I have, and play on the computer, and do some cleaning around the office.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good afternoon

Been a busy morning for us.

DD neglected to pack any warm clothes, only shorts/skirts and tank tops We went out for breakie and I put her in one of DH's tshirts and her pj pants for breakfast. DH went off for work, and me and DD went off to Value Village to grab some clothes (she was still in DH's tshirt and her pj pants). Ended up spending 2hrs there LOL. The most expensive item we bought was $6.99, a beautiful long skirt for DD. New it would retail at least 20. I Value Village.

Got back close to lunch, I've been cleaning up and packing up...for some weird reason I have more stuff than I came here with LOL.

Me and DD are going to go investigate the walkway across the road.... then maybe a swim (pool is heated)

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