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Is this appropriate

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I took my 5 y/o cat to the vet last month. Since he was healthy I thought I'd try one of the other vets at the clinic I go to. I usually use the same vet but wanted to test out one of the other vets on a healthy cat.

So during the exam the vet says my cat needs a dental cleaning and that he has a loose tooth (one of those big ones near the front, on the bottom, not the canines). So I asked him about it and whether it was something that needed to be done or if it could wait. I suppose I should've pushed him more because I hardly got any answers out of him. I left not knowing exactly what the problems were. So I have no idea if a dental cleaning is absolutely necessary or if it can wait awhile.

The vet I normally go to is awesome and always explains everything in detail. I always leave knowing exactly what is going on with my cats. I have to call him anyways next week regarding one of my other cats. I was thinking about asking him if there's anything in the other cat's chart about his teeth and what's going on with them. To do this, I'd most likely have to mention that the other vet would not give me much details despite my asking about it. I can't think of how to word things without mentioning that. Is that ok to do? I feel like I'm tattling on the other vet for failing to give me the details I asked for. It just doesn't seem appropriate to me.

Does anyone have any thoughts? What would you do? The last thing I want to do is cause problems with the vets there. If I have an issue with one of them, it doesn't seem right to drag another one into it. I feel like that's what I'd be doing. I don't need anyone getting ticked off at me.

At $570 per dental cleaning, I can only afford to get one cat done per year. This year it looks like my 10 or 12 year old will come first.
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Ask the vet plain & simple "it was mentioned that this kitty might need a dental cleaning, but the vet I saw didn't elaborate much, can you?".
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They have it on record that you've seen the other doctor, so just tell your vet, "When I was here last week (or whenever), Dr. X mentioned that there was a loose tooth and he needed a cleaning. Can you please explain what is going on?"
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