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Buying the large dog advantage

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Okay, Im fixing to get the big dog advantage for both my cats and dog. Just want to make sure this is okay to use on all animals. Who has done this?

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hissy has done so. This is the link she gave me. Doggie Advantage Dosage Breakdown

Also, if you are looking for a bargain on flea medication, check Petguys.com. A box of Advantage for cats is only about $20, plus s/h. I just ordered two boxes from them yesterday. Save me tons of money!!
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I'm gonna give it a try too, I am going broke buying Advantage, I have 9 cats! I'm ordering today!!
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One of my mentors told me about this too. The 55lb and over dog Advantage use one drop per pound of cat and it's safe for preg and nursing Moms.
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Can I use the syringes I have at home? They do have the needles in them as I have one diabetic cat that has to have two shots a day. I wonder if I can like "remove" the needle part.

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Im sure you can remove the needle part, should twist off. I had a cat that had to have injections that I had to give to him and the needles twist off. Where are you from in AL? I'm originally from Dothan.
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Sorry so late getting back. I was home sick with a migraine yesterday and was in the bed all day.

I will have to look at my syringes and see if they twist off. The only thing is the syringe is not marked but with lines (or I could be missing the markings). I know my cat takes two unit's twice a day. I will have to look closer to them tonight.

Oh, and I live in Montgomery which is not far at all from Dothan. I'm going to order the advantage in a few minutes.

I just thought of something.....I still have the empty single dose I just gave them a few weeks ago, do you think I could use those?

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Dragonlady says you can use one drop per pound in a couple of posts above.
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I ordered mine from petguys.com and with shipping (priority mail) it was 26.04. Not bad!
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which one did you order? I am ordering the large dog one (over 55pds). I have one dog and three cats but I really only do the flea thing to the dog and one cat cause they have sensitive skin. The other cats haven't had a problem with the fleas until now and now I have a preggo kitty (all white) that has some (not many) fleas and tape worms but the vet didn't want me to give her anything until after she delivers her babies.

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I ordered the large dog one, 55 and over.
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That is too weird then, my total will be 28.20. But that is still not bad at all!!!

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Yeah, mine was 21.79 for the product and 4.25 for shipping, no tax.
26.04 total
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Well, guess mine is going further then cause shipping will be 6.41 for me. What are you using to pull out the dosage?

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Okay, that was wierd. I just went and ordered my Advantage and this time I chose Priority instead of Ground. Now my shipping went down to 4.25! I would have thought the priority would have been more expensive..

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I do the same thing that you guys are doing with the Advantage. What I found was the easiest was to get a 1ml or 1cc (their actually the same thing) syringe from your local Pharmacy. I think it cost 13 cents each. Then I get a plastic cup (one that you'll never drink out of again) and squirt the contents of the tube in the cup. Then mark your syringe with the right amount with masking tape and then fill the syringe from the cup. You should be able to reuse the syringe and possibly the cup for the next time.

I've tried different ways of doing this and this is by far the easiest. I don't recommend poking the tube with the needle and drawing it out that way. It gets WAY too messy and you end up losing more of the liquid since it will leak out of the tube after you poked it. At first, I thought that would be an easy way but I found out the hard way...it's actually a big hassle.

Hope this may help you guys out!
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Thanks for the tip, Shell. I should get mine in a few days. I have 2 syringes, one is a 3cc/ml and one is really small, it holds 1 ml total, the markings on it says units though, up to 100 units in 10 unit increments. Its a very slim syringe. I want to make double sure I give the right amount! Do you know anything about those smaller ones?
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You'll want the smaller ones. My cats only get .8 cc's (but they are bigger cats though) and the smaller syringe like a 1 cc will hold it much better. Plus, you'll be able to see the lines easier to gauge the right dose. Granted, you will have to fill it up several times if you have several animals but at least this way, you know you'll get the right amount. The larger ones like a 3 cc are too big and you don't have as many lines on there to gauge the right amount. Hope this makes sense...it's hard to describe.

BTW, How much do your cats weigh? That will determine the amount that you give.
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Most of mine will get the small cat dose. 0.4 ml. I have 2 that are in the 10 pound or more range, but Im gonna weigh them to make sure what they weigh first.
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If you are doing multiple cats have more than one syringe. The treatment eats the numbers off during the process of dosing over 5 cats
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On a 1 cc syringe, it will have the numbers 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100.

You'll want to fill the syringe (for the less than 9 pound kitties) to the 40 mark. The heavy weight cats will need to be at the 80 mark. Please do weigh them before you start this. They may weigh more or less than what you think they do.

Hope this will help the confusion a bit! Just holler at me if you need more help!
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Thanks so much for all the info and yes I will weigh them for sure before we do the treatment on them. I am very cautious when giving them any kind of stuff like that and medications too!! Thanks again for your help!!
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I found this article and it really concerns me about the Advantage I bought from petguys.com. I received it in the mail today and it fits the description of the imported version and Im not sure I want to take the chance on using it. I was looking around the other day and noticed the formulation on the american version was 9.1% imidacloprid and this one says its 10% imidacloprid. It has the stickers that are mentioned in the article too. Has anyone else used a product like this? Has anyone used Advantage from petguys.com? Under the stickers on the back of the box, it has some Uk info and some IRL info.
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The warning info is about halfway down the page on the right side of the page.
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Yep I have heard about these "knock offs" not the same strength as the original products. Although it is more expensive, I buy mine from my vet's office.
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Im not using it, Im afraid to now. I guess I just lost some money and learned a lesson about buying over the internet. 1800petmeds say the have the original product. Anyone ordered from them?
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Does yours have advantage 400 on your box also? I looked back on the web site and if you bring up the picture it doesn't say "400" on it. Have they changed their look maybe?

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yeah it does. Its either a knock off, or its a product from the UK. I called the petguys.com company and she said I could get my money back and she said I could talk to the buyer but he is on vacation and wont be back till monday, next week. So I'm not taking any chances and getting it from 1800petmeds or from my vet. What concerns me is when I looked up the percent of chemical in it it was diffent. The box says 10% and I had some that I used on my cat last month and it said 9.1%, so I'm not taking any chances.
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I saw immediately where it said "400" on the box. I don't buy the box from my vet but just one dose at a time. On the side of the box there is a label that says 9.1%. Is that what you are talking about?

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I have the empty tube from last month but I left it at work for some strange reason. I thought I had one at home also. I will look in the morning on my empty tube and see what it says.

Nice to know we can get our money back.

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